Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Getting a sample

"Please quit following me around the backyard!"

I took Panda in to the vet yesterday. He drew blood for a complete blood panel and needed urine for the urinalysis but he couldn't get any out of her. I shouldn't have let her go out to pee when I came home, but I was worried she would pee in my car. So he sent me home with a cup.

Have you ever tried to collect urine from your dog? Each time I let her outside I followed her around the backyard. She knows something is up because she keeps looking up at me and trying to find some privacy by walking away from me. She finally squatted and I was able to leap to her side and stick a pan under her. Only got about a tablespoon. It kind of spooked her.

So this morning we repeated our walk. Roxy had to come too, because it's very unusual for mom to want to walk in the backyard with the dogs while they are doing their business. She was extremely happy, so happy that she kept right next to me so she was in between me and Panda. Panda squatted and I thrust the pan towards her which caused Roxy to leap into her and knock her to the side. The peeing was over. So then I had to follow Panda again at a discreet distance so she would squat again. She did and I was successful that time. Enough for a urine test. I'll drop it off at the vet on my way to work.

Nothing conclusive yet, we are waiting on blood and urine sample testing. The vet could find nothing wrong with her eyes so maybe she just had a sore eye for a week and now it's going away. It does look much better today. He couldn't account for all her behaviour but did say that if it's not epilepsy than it's something else like a brain tumor. I can get an MRI (costs around $1,400) but that wouldn't really solve any issues because there's nothing you really do for a dog that has a brain tumor. You treat the symptoms. So we are not doing an MRI and will be treating symptoms and hoping it's not a brain tumor.


crochet lady said...

That would be a tricky process. Poor Panda, hope she can get some relief from her troubles.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sad diagnosis. She is lucky to have a loving family and will enjoy her remaining life. The next time you need a urine sample a ladle is a good thing to use. They hardly notice the thing and you can get plenty for a sample. Of course you won't use that ladle in the kitchen any longer. ;)

Anonymous said...

thats funny. We had to get a sample from our female a while back. Bill screwed a small plastic container (Like from cottage cheese) to an old broom handle and got it with that!! I thought that was pretty clever.


A Lady's Life said...

Pakart - you mentioned the airplanes passing over with sprays.
Let them check for that because we had many people with brain tumors in the country where the planes flew over. You should really object to them spraying near people.

Aunt Krissy said...

I think that getting it from a cat is harder! Keep us psoted.

Mim said...

Getting urine from animals is always a tricky business - pie plates come in handy. good luck with this

Teena in Toronto said...

I had to get pee from my dog in the fall ... not an easy thing to do. Ha!

Happy blogoversary :)

tainterturtles said...

Hang in there Patty.