Friday, June 4, 2010

Shoe Shopping

Today I missed my sister Kris more than usual. I had to go shoe shopping and I HATE shopping for clothes or shoes. Mostly because nothing fits right and looks funny, my hair gets static electrified and sticks to everything and I get hot and cranky. Kris has the ability to make this dreaded task fun.

Kris, who's a wee bit plump, will try on pants and will pull them up as high as they can go to where the waistband is sitting under her bra and then put a shirt on that is too tight or too baggy or whatever and tuck it in or do whatever will give the funniest look. Then she will open the changing room door for me to "see if you like this one". I usually end up laughing so hard I get tears in my eyes and almost wet my pants. We don't always find the clothes we want but together we sure have a good time looking for and trying on clothes.

Today I was looking for black sandals. Most sandals come in brown. And most stores now are the type where the boxes of shoes are all stacked and you have to go through them to find the style, size and color you want. That wouldn't be so bad, except that the stacks are never in order and if you want to look in the box at the bottom of the 7 high stack, you have to move some of the other boxes first. All this while kneeling on the hard floor. With a bad knee. Most of the shoes are in size 9. Why? I don't know. I wear a size 7 or 7 1/2, but a 9 is just too big. Once in awhile I would find a size 7 but then it would be brown, or sienna or coffee or roast, but not black. I was getting hot and cranky and my knee hurt. But I did finally find a black pair of clogs that will look just fine....or not, I was tired of looking.

I needed something to go with the black pants I'm wearing tomorrow to my 2nd book signing. It's at Costco's and my publisher doesn't like us to wear jeans. I live in jeans. I wear jeans to church, to work, to everywhere.....except book signings. So because I always wear jeans I didn't have black shoes to go with black pants. Except for one pair with heels, but with my knee messed up I didn't want to wear them.

So enough complaining. It's 10pm and I'm finally washing the clothes I need for the book signing tomorrow. Don't you just hate it when you are so far behind the curve you feel like you will never catch up? That's how I feel today. Let's hope tomorrow goes much better!


Mim said...

good luck at the book signing.

I'm so different - I love shoe shopping, and have about a million shoes of all colors. And I rarely wear jeans - too hot for me, or don't look good.

Funny isn't it?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't mind shopping. I like to if I have the money and I don't have to find something in particular. When you have to find just the right this or that it does become a chore.

Aunt Krissy said...

Why not a dress? YOu have a few of those don't you? I wish I had been there for you. I would have made you pee your pants!

Kellie said...

I love shoes and try on a lot, but don't actually take many home.

Currently I'm on the hunt for a good pair of sneakers that don't hurt my feet. Last week I went to four stores and tried on tons of shoes and left with none. My poor ol' dogs were crying soo bad that day!

What did you do to your knee?

A Lady's Life said...

Have fun:)
I don't like shopping either.
Most of the time its for every day clothes and hardly worth spending money on and there is not much selection anyway.
You have to be very petite and young to really have fun with clothes on a low budget.
As for shoes a pair that fits and wears comfortably is few and far between I always find the heel hard and will make blisters so I wonder how people wear them?
So my shoes never change. Its always the same model.Just new lol

Lynn said...

I'd laugh but obviously for you this was not funny. But the times with sis were/are and wish she could have helped out this time. I can see her balancing the stacks of shoe boxes on her head with sandels draped over her ears as large earrings.

I want your book and I have forgotten how to get it, where to send mone, address and what not, how much etc. Please email me at so I can get my autographed copy!!!! Thanks.

tainterturtles said...

Shoes/sandals have to be comfortable. Period. I LOVE DSW warehouse because they have thousands of shoes to offer. You can spend hours in DSW. For some reason I have more black shoes than any other.

cmarie said...

eeeuuuu shopping - yuck.

soulbrush said...

used to love shoe shopping, don't much anymore. good luck for the second one, and my money is on its way to you right now. thanks xx