Thursday, September 24, 2009


I'm not done yet....but,

Here's what I like:

I think I'm doing a great job on the seagull. I like the shading, the shape and the colors. I mixed that gray myself using cobalt blue and vermillion (I'm kind of proud of that because usually when I mix colors I get a lovely shade of mud). I like the red ribbon and placement of the moon and sun. I like the colors I've used so far. The feet make me smile.

What I don't like:

The whole raven. Usually I do really well at ravens but I also usually work in pen and ink. This raven is not looking right to me. I'm going to have to reshape his head and his wings. The wings should be thicker from top to bottom. The head should be more "raven" shaped - they have a very distinct profile. I can still fix him I think since I want to go bigger, not smaller. It's just going to be hard to disguise the areas I change.

In hindsight I should have masked the ribbon and did it last. It's been very hard to work around it. I plan to go over it again once the rest of the picture is done and that will help to make it look good again.

I learn something new each time a paint. And I learn how to cover my mistakes. It's all good.


Aunt Krissy said...

I am sure that what you're saying is true, but to us with an untrained eye I think that so far it's a very nice picture. I would hang it in my closet. I mean on the wall. Hey, if a little sister can't twist the knife then who can?
All that stuff you sent cam ein. I wrapped one bar. I need to get a paper cutter!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is looking good to me. I thought you were awfully brave to do the ribbon first. Can you mask over the ribbon now that it is painted since you are going over it anyway?? Would that help??

Kellie said...

We are always our own worst critics.
Looks good to me tho..

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I simply love it and don't see any flaws. But then again, the post is titles, "self-critique" so go easy on yourself. You are truly gitfed!

Love and hugs

tainterturtles said...

Very nice PA. You've been working hard. Be sure to take a break and relax ok?

Wow, you all have really cooled down....40's and 30's to the north. Winter is coming.