Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bits of nature

This plant looks very plain from the top, but if you look underneath there are little berry-type things hanging from the bottom of each leaf.

Tim found this 3-legged frog hopping across the trail.
Ferns are the most perfect plant I know. I love the symmetry of their leaves and how each leaf is full of more symmetrical fronds. It's a work of art.

I just got off the phone with my sweetie. He's out at the cabin and it's been raining a lot. He's been mostly working indoors.
He went to get water at the spring and got stuck big time. He was in knee deep muck and had trouble getting out. But he did. He can always get out eventually. I hope he gets to work on that sand point again. I really want water at our place so we don't have to haul it in or go down that treacherous trial to the watering hole. If he got stuck bad, I can only imagine how bad I would have gotten stuck.

He used my stolen camera to take several pictures of otters playing together in the lake.


Kellie said...

No moose yet? I'm surprised you have cell service out there. Must be nice knowing if you have an emergency you can call out.

I like ferns too. Had two a few years ago and ended up killing them within a year.

PAK ART said...

He hasn't actually hunted yet, just been working on cabin so far. We only have cell service if we walk up on hill behind the cabin or snowmachine acros lake in winter to a large swamp. Not at the cabin though.

crochet lady said...

I love forest plants and all the variety of ferns that can be found. I dug some up from the woods a few years ago and planted them in my flower beds, they do pretty well and I enjoy them.

soulbrush said...

a three-legged frog, never? aaaw how sweet. xxx