Friday, August 14, 2009

Wild Child

Tim took our nephew JoJo up to the cabin for a few days. Usually when we have JoJo, I'm in charge of his safety and well being. Sweetie was amazed at how often he had to feed the kid (every hour), cover him up at night (at least 10 times plus he fell out of bed 3 times) and look out for him all day long! I got a kick out of hearing his story. Kids are active! I think while our kids were growing up he left the "watching kids" to me.
They had rain the last day so JoJo is all wrapped up in one of Tim's raincoats. This is our old little cabin which we used before we bought my sister's adjacent property with cabin.
This is the almost finished tree house. Tim still needs to make him a permanent ladder and rope to slide down. And then maybe a zipline too.
Pesky squirrels. They have thoroughly chewed up, nested in and ruined the insulation in one of the cabins. Tim had to pull it out and redo. Now he thinks he's got all the holes plugged. We hope.
A good time was had by all. Apparently JoJo slept well, Tim did not. He was so tired when he got home I almost felt sorry for him.

This is JoJo's favorite picture. This Batmobile is sitting outside a fireworks display in Big Lake tempting you to pull in and purchase some fireworks. JoJo is a huge fan of all things SuperHero.


Aunt Krissy said...

Nice looking ride there JoJo!
Looks like Tim did a good job. A tree house any kid would love to have!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patty,
I love Tim! What wonderful memories with his Uncle. Did they do the bird-house kit also?
Love Mom

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think as our children grow up and we live our quiet lives we forget how active children are. I kept my Granddaughter for 2 weeks when she was 8 and about died. Ha... Yes, we do forget.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Love the adorable little cabin! Cool pictures, especially the car!
Can't imagine where I'd get the energy to entertain anyone under 40 (lol)

Love for a great week!
Free Spirit

Kellie said...

I remember the bat-mobile! Do they still have the gorilla at the other fireworks stand?

Nice tree house, that Tim sure is a keeper!

purplepaint said...

Oh lucky you! You own cabins in your beautiful forests! I had to laugh at JoJo requiring food every hour and falling out of bed! Kids are great! Looks like JoJo had a blast!

K. said...

That treehouse is fantastic! Wow!

And I love the photo of the Batmobile with JoJo :) He looks so happy in the photo.

marianne said...

Wonderful pictures and lovely art on your side bar, is it for sale? Do you have an Etsy shop?

Have a nice day!