Monday, June 22, 2009

Wood carving

Wood carving is BIG in Alaska. Either way you drive out of town (we only have two roads out of Anchorage - one ends in Homer where I spent the weekend, the other goes North and splits - you can go to Fairbanks or out of state eventually) you will eventually see roadside stands where people are carving logs with chainsaws. The most common carving is of bears; standing, sitting, climbing, etc. Some of the carvers branch out a bit - here are some of the pics I took of wood carvings this past weekend.

We stopped for lunch at the Summit Lake Lodge on the way down.
This guy had a whole carousel of Alaskan animals carved of wood. I missed getting a picture of the Dall Sheep. I didn't realize until I looked at this post and saw the tailend of it in the caribou picture. Notice how the different animals have another animal on their backs? Wolf on the moose, sea otter on the walrus, and an owl on the caribou. I think the bear just has a blanket.

Climb on board and get your picture taken on a King Salmon!
Ooooh scary! Bear in a cave ready to get you! That's all. I'm a little bit fascinated. I think I should draw sketches on wood and my husband should carve them out and we'd make a fortune together. Except I don't think he's all that gung-ho on my plan. Perhaps it's because most of the work would be done by him.


Aunt Krissy said...

You should take a pic of Alicia's mailbox. You know, I didn't know that Ak had so much wood carving but your right. I sure don't see that much down here.

tainterturtles said...

Wow, the wood carvings are so cool. I love your pictures! Carving must be a past-time in alaska. Wish I could buy one and put it in my yard.

Kellie said...

I'd like to have some of those creatures in my yard too. Some folks down the road had a huge tree in their front yard, maybe an elm, and the cut the whole top off leaving two big branches and the trunk. They had someone carve bears out of the branches and an old mans face with a long beard into the trunk. Looks really cool.

crochet lady said...

My boys would have liked to take a picture with the bucking fish.

Margaret Ann said...

Amazing art adding yet another layer of Alaskan mystique to my world...your photos always fascinate me... :)