Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have plans for this weekend. Plans to get a lot done.
  1. I have to purchase some craft supplies and design a label/wrapper for my sister's new home-made goat milk soap business.
  2. I have to go grocery shopping.
  3. There is a fair downtown to celebrate our States 50th Anniversary. We joined the union in 1959, just a couple years before I was born. I don't really need to go but there are activities for kids and I'm thinking of taking JoJo....of course, that means I probably won't get #1 and #2 done. Or the rest of this list.
  4. Paint! I want to complete at least 3 ATC's (artist trading cards)
  5. Draw! I want to sketch out an idea for a gift for a co-worker who is retiring after 42 years with our department. I still have 3 months so I'll probably put this off for awhile.
  6. Clean! That probably won't get done, I don't even know why I put it on the list.
  7. There is an open house at one of the greenhouses and it sounded fun. I like to go through and look at flowers and plants and dream. My mom would like to go with me I'm sure.
  8. Write letter and send packet of cards to artist I met in Homer. (I'm procrastinating!)
  9. Paint some rocks. I picked up some perfect round cat rocks in Homer. They are sitting on my art table meowing at me.
  10. Read-since we have the new HD TV, we have more channels and I've watched a couple old episodes of Little House on the Prairie. Now I want to go buy the books and read the whole series again. It's been a long time since I read them last. (ps - the acting in Little House is NOT as good as I remember it.)

It seems like there is more on my mind but I can't think of it right now. Oh yea, I want to figure out how Skype works so I can talk to our kids in Japan. That shouldn't take long, but I know me, and it probably will.


crochet lady said...

Your're gonna be busy, but with a you've got some fun to do's on your list, maybe it won't seem so much like work.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Don't forget to "Breathe"

Pace yourself and smile!

Love ya

Cathy said...

Please be sure to share your painted rocks. I think about doing this with the girls from time to time....seems like so much fun. I certainly wish you lived close enough to get us started and give pointers.