Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Rose

I have made another attempt at the wily rose. I'm happier with this one but realize I still need more practise. I intentionally made sure to leave more lights and I only glazed it 4 times, not as many as my last rose attempt.

The roses I'm painting from are beginning to look a bit scraggly. You would think a fresh flower bouquet would last longer than 4 days. Most of the flowers do look nice still, it's mostly just the roses that have faded.
I'm heading out on Thursday with a girlfriend to go to Homer, which is at the southern-most tip of the Kenai Peninsula. Homer has a lot of local art galleries and I'm looking forward to browsing them. Usually when I go to Homer, I'm with my husband and some of his friends and it's an early morning 5-hr drive, jump out of the truck, jump on a boat and go fishing all day. Then back to the dock, clean fish, get in the truck, stop at McDonalds and then head home. I am exhausted by then. I never get to stop and look at the galleries, walk down the quaint little streets, eat at a restaurant (McDonalds doesn't count) and enjoy the town.
I won't have a computer with me, so I will just have to take lots of pictures before coming home on Saturday afternoon. I'm planning to sit on the beach and spend some time sketching stuff that's washed up on shore....shells, crabs, kelp, starfish, sand dollars, japanese fishing floats, etc.


tainterturtles said...

I hope you have a great time on your mini vacation. The artisan shops sounds like something I would like.

Enjoy yourself!

Kellie said...

We did the whole combat fishing for kings in Homer too. Was not fun.

Your rose looks very nice.

Hope the wx is nice for your trip.

Aunt Krissy said...

What friend? Why? Where are you staying? Are you going to go to the Salty Dawg? Some of the food places have jacked up prices due to summer season. Look at soap for me and see what the price is and how much they weigh. Oh, have fun.

PAK ART said...

I'm going with Cheryl-she's the one I went to Hawaii with. We are staying at a place on the end of the spit. I don't know about Salty Dawg....restaruant? maybe.

Cathy said...

Have a wonderful time on your road trip, and sitting on the beach trip, and strolling through the shops trip, and sketching trip.......

I loved your comment on my post, and I quote, "we've missed you a bit". It is so good to be missed a bit, or a lot! You blessed me quite a bit!

A Lady's Life said...

Sounds like a great day planned.
Hope you make it into the shops.

purplepaint said...

This is fabulous! You know how much I love roses! You did an excellent job! Marva at pencil-paper-paint.blogspot.com/