Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ladies Tea

An annual tradition in Anchorage is the Crisis Pregnancy Center's annual mother/daughter tea. CPC is a non-profit organization that helps young (or old) ladies who find themselves unexpectadly pregnant and unsure of what to do. The Center has a sonogram and doctors on staff to let the women see a picture of their living child in order to discourage them from having an abortion. The center shows Christ's compassion and love by providing support, clothing, assistance and counseling throughout the pregnancy and into the toddler stages.

This Saturday is the tea. Ladies from churches all over Anchorage buy a table of 8 for $120. Then the hostess can either sell tickets for $12 each or not. She invites guests, decorates the table, provides lunch and tea. The host church provides the set-up, take-down, opportunity to have pictures taken and hot water. There is a guest speaker, live entertainment, and a live and silent auction as well as a bake shoppe. All proceeds benefit CPC to continue their work.

My sister, Alicia, and I are hosting a table together. I bought the table decorations and will provide all the settings and tea. I got one of my guests to bring a salad. Alicia is making chocolate dipped strawberries, creme brulee for dessert and a tasty chicken salad on croissants for lunch.

Tomorrow night we'll go over and get it all set up. Saturday morning should be worry free.

I can't wait. I love creme brulee and having lunch with good friends. It's sure to be a fun day!


crochet lady said...

Hope you have fun.

I did something similar at our church, but the hostess for the table didn't have to provide the food, we were served family style per table. The church provided the food.

I had a nice time, but it was alot of work setting up and taking down. It's nice you get to do that with your sister.

Aunt Krissy said...

I always had such fun at the teas.
You two better not have to much fun without me!

Vicki said...

Oh, I'm dreaming of creme brulee now.... not fair, I wanna go too!
This sounds like such a worthwhile cause and also sounds like a lot of fun... truly, I do wish I could join you. Have fun with your sister and friends!