Monday, May 18, 2009


Do you ever look forward to something only to be vastly dissapointed by the time it gets there? That happens to me occassionally.

First, the setup. I decided about 4 weeks ago that I needed to get in shape, eat healthier, exercise more, blah, blah, blah. Sounds like someone who is just about to have a birthday and get one year older.

I bought a bathroom scale since our scale had been broken for some time, say about 6 months to a year. I bought a cheap scale, the kind that has a dial and if you lean to one side and lift your toes just so you can get it to go lower. Or not. Of course I would never, never do that.

So I quit drinking pepsi. And I cut out carbs (not all carbs, but most of them). No pasta, no rice, no bread, no potatos. And I ate less. Way less than I normally do. FOR THREE WEEKS! Plus, I started bike-riding. I biked 4 times to work in one week. Now I didn't really expect that to make me lose 20 lbs in three weeks (but I kind of hoped there would be some kind of miracle.) After 3 weeks I had lost some weight. WHOOO HOOOOO! I'm committed, I'm going to keep biking, I'm going to keep eating healthy, I'm going to do it all and conquer the world.

Then I bought a new digital scale. The kind that is more accurate and it doesn't matter how you stand on it. It shows I'm TWO pounds more than I was when I started. So I went to the grocery store in a funk and bought a package of cookies from the bakery section. And I bought some icecream.

So there.


Aunt Krissy said...

Go get that old scale back! It was the beter of the two.
When you guys come down we will eat steamed veggies all the time. NOT!

crochet lady said...

That has happend to me more times than I can count. A few weeks ago I stepped on the scale determined to lose a few, I frowned at the number staring back at me, but felt ready to give it a shot. A few days later I went to the doctor and of course they have you step on the scale - hello - it registered 8 lbs heavier than my bathroom scale. Total bum out - I got a A&W rootbeer float afterwards.

K. said...

Scales are so weird. The scale at work versus the scale at home versus the scale at my doctor's office all give different numbers.

And now crochet lady has me wanting a root beer float. Mmm. :)

Rebecca said...

You're probably gaining muscle!! If your biking your building up your legs!! Don't give up!

Cathy said...

As I am reaching those middle years, OH! who am I fooling, as I have successfully reached those middle years,I am discovering I can not eat in the same manner as years gone by. What you eat is important, the manner in which you eat is as equally important. (Let me know if you what to hear more.)

tainterturtles said...

First, I'm so proud of you Patty. When you told us in your blog that you started commuting to work by bike, I was sooooo proud of you.

Don't let the scale discourage you. Rebecca is probably right about muscle weighing more.

I don't have any other friends that commute to work by bike, but now I!

Please take a picture somehow of you on your bike. Keep biking ok?