Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring in Alaska

I'm finally ready to admit it. I think spring may be here. We have been getting in the 40's during the day, but back down to as low as 10 degrees at night. Roads are icy in the morning, but turn wet a little later in the day. Enough snow has melted in my yard that I can see grass around the edge of the house. And some of it is green! But we still have a 2-3 foot berm along the driveway.

The warmer weather tempts me. I've been leaving my jacket in the car when I run into the store and I even cracked my window while driving because the sun beating down made the inside almost unbearable. Almost. Keep in mind it was still only 40 degrees outside.

Still, the sun has been shining and the warmth can be felt. I have to be cautious though - last year we got dumped with snow on April 25th.

It will take awhile for some of these snow dump sites to melt. But with sunny skies and warmer weather, surely they will all be gone my midsummer. We hope.


Aunt Krissy said...

My grass is turning green. I hear that we are to get into the 50's this week and then soon the 60's.

A Lady's Life said...

We have Mount Baker here which always has snow and this is how I measure global warming around here by checking that mountain.
If a day comes when it has no snow then we are in trouble .
Its always refreshing to see snow .

crochet lady said...

Glad you have a bit of green and hope to hold on to.

tainterturtles said...

I'm glad your temps are warming up. Just to see a little green grass would be exciting. It's all uphill from here!!!!!

Margaret Ann said...

Breathtaking photos! I so enjoy seeing Alaska through your eyes! :)