Friday, April 17, 2009

Jewel Lake

The snow is just about gone except for places that had berms and in the shadows. Our back yard, which faces North still has about a third covered by snow. The front is clear except for a narrow patch along the driveway where Sweetie piled the snow all winter.

This picture is of Jewel Lake and it still has a thin layer of ice. I didn't see any geese or ducks here but have seen them in other locations around town. I drove by this same spot later and a young man (teenager?) was out walking across this lake....I fear for our youth. It looks a bit risky to me, but then I'm a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to ice on lakes and rivers.

Once in our first year of marriage, my husband ran across a frozen pond that was melting around the edges. I wasn't worried for his life because I knew the pond was only about waist deep and he has freakishly long legs. That pond snapped and cracked with every long running jump he made as he dashed across it. If I remember correctly, he did get wet at the edge when he tried to leap for land.

I guess most guys in their youth are risk takers. It makes sense that their car insurance is more expensive than the rest of us. Except for when it was Travis - he was so responsible (I think - kids don't tell you everything) that I thought it was a bit unfair he had to pay more for his insurance than his sister.


crochet lady said...

We ended up bringing out computer with for picture stuff, so here I am.

I always get creeped out about ice/water too. I hate it when K. drives on it.

My oldest will be driving soon and I suppose we'll end up paying more to cover him just because he's a boy. Oh, well.

tainterturtles said...

I'm glad to see signs of spring in Anchorage. Not to much longer and all your snow will be gone.

Hang in there.