Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Sheets (and a bear story)

I think we've established before that I'm on the cheap side. Some call it frugal, I just call it cheap. I bought new sheets about 5 years ago. I think. I can't remember when I bought them but it was a long time ago. I only bought one set because you can just take them off and wash them and put them right back on. There's really no need for two sets. Not really.

Well the sheets got downright threadbare. In fact, on my side of the bed, I wore a hole in the bottom sheet from swishing my feet back and forth. I don't do it on purpose, it's one of those habits that I'm not even aware of. I guess it's comforting as I fall asleep. After a couple of weeks of dodging the hole I decided I needed to break down and buy new sheets, so I did.

Once home I washed the new sheets because they seemed VERY stiff straight out of the package. Then I put them on the bed. They still felt rather stiff but I figured after a couple days they will soften. They haven't. In fact, they are incredibly NOISY.

SWISH, SWISH, SWISH go the feet. It sounds like a landslide when someone rolls over and the sheet is pulled over. My pillow makes a loud SWOOSH as I turn my head to the side. SWOOSH, turn it back again. RUSTLE, RUSTLE as Tim adjusts the sheet around his neck. SWISH as I turn over. SWOOSH, there goes the pillow again. RUSTLE as I cough. We both started laughing at how loud it all seemed. Too much noise! How's anybody supposed to get any sleep around here?

Speaking of feet swishing; one time several years ago Tim and I were out camping in the woods. We had done a walk-in caribou hunt (didn't get any, but that's another story for another time). We were in the tent late at night when Tim says quietly, "shhhh, I hear something." I get completely quiet. "I don't hear it anymore," he says. Then not 30 seconds later, "shhhh, I hear something again!" This time I'm getting scared. Tim hears way better than me. "It sounds like a bear walking around," he says. Now I'm almost petrified. I'm picturing the bear tearing the tent down and pulling me out and eating me alive. "I guess it's nothing. I don't hear it anymore." I'm still laying quietly, straining for any sounds. This last about two minutes. "There it is again!" he whispers loudly. I hold my breath, straining again to hear the bear creeping up on me. "I guess it's nothing. I don't hear it now." This went on for about 10 minutes. Finally. FINALLY. We both realize it is me swishing my feet inside the sleeping bag. Everytime he's told me to "shhhhh" I stop. As soon as he says it's okay I start swishing again.

Needless to say, we now check to make sure it's not my feet before either of us get's worried about bears. And I don't like tent camping as much as I like my safe, 4-walled log cabin that bears can't get into.


tainterturtles said...

New bed sheets are the worst. Breaking them in is so painful. I don't sleep well with new sheets, however, we bought one bedset sheets that are like 500 thread count and they are the best. I sleep like a baby!

Alicia said...

I bet with you being frugal and all you probably bought those cheap, wal mart, 250 thread count yucky stiff sheets. ya shoulda just splurged and got the 750 thread count all cotton ones. I myself perfer the flannel sheets. Always soft and comfy and in the summer not to hot with just those covering me.

Throw them out and get you a nice set...please...for'll seriously make me happier!

I feel sick...I just ate some butterscotch pudding (homemade) and just realized that my portion had 1/3 cup brown sugar in it. Sicko!

PAK ART said...

Alicia - that is so funny. Yes, I bought the cheap 250 threadcount cheap sheets from Walmart. Exactly like you said. Plus, Tim's been wanting pudding so I made Tapioca pudding from a 2006 box and threw in a bunch of hershey kisses because we wanted chocolate. I feel sick.

A Lady's Life said...

now that was a funny story hahahaha
I was just thinking I need a new bed sheet. Mine seem to disappear.
I have so many double and queen sheets but the king size disappear and even then its hard to get a king size that fits the mattress properly.
I love king sized beds because you don't disturb anyone getting up Its like sleeping alone until some one pushes over and begins to push you off your side while there is a whole bed side on the other When the kids were little we had every one in there, two kids two grown ups and two dogs. We got along lol :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe check Gottschalks since they are having their big going-out-of-business sale. I bought some egyptian cotton sheets there a couple of years ago and they are great! Loved your feet swishing story!

Aunt Krissy said...

I bought some 600 count sheets. Love them. I also only have the one set. Wash and wear.

Carolyn said...

You are braver than I am...don't think I'd be able to sleep a wink if I was in a tent thinking there might be a bear outside...LOL!