Thursday, March 5, 2009

Waiting.....patiently. Or not.

Roxy sits by the back door a lot. She wants to go out. But once she's out for a few minutes, she wants back in. Then she wants out. Then she wants in. It's pretty much an all day thing if you let her.

Tim will go to the door, but before he opens it, he instructs her out loud and in English "Now, you've just been out, so if you really want to go out again, I'm going to make you stay outside for 15 minutes. See the clock? It is 5:00. I'm not letting you in until 5:15. Not a minute sooner. So you better decide if you really want to go out. Oh, you do? Okay. Go out." Meanwhile the dog is wagging her tail furiously and wiggling her butt all around as she dances around his feet.

I remind him that the dogs cannot understand human language (even English), nor tell time.

So, Roxy goes out and then scratches and whines at the door to come in. But she has to wait 15 minutes unless one of us forgets we were timing her and accidently let her come in early. Truth be told? All she has to do is bark at the neighbors dog and we are quick to make her come back in.....but don't tell Roxy. She hasn't figured that out yet.

Panda is smarter. Panda has that figured out. She will automatically come to the back door when Roxy starts barking. She wants to make sure she is NOT a part of any dogs getting into trouble for barking.

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crochet lady said...

Dogs are so funny.
Did you sketch today?

Rebecca said...

Oh, i enjoyed reading today's post!! I can just hear Tim talking to Roxy:)

tainterturtles said...

My husband talks to our cat as well. Sometimes I swear she can understand what my husband is saying to her.

I can just imagine what Roxy is like back and forth at the door. Animals are so crazy that way.

purplepaint said...

Hi Maryann- we have a Golden Retriever and she understands English. We have to spell certain words and she has even learned to spell! You cannot say walk unless you want to take her for one and I'm pretty sure she knows the spelling for it. LOL! By the way, did you sketch today? I did... Marva

PAK ART said...

PP - no I didn't sketch yesterday, but today I promise!

ps My name is Patty, Maryann (which you saw in the sketchbook) is one of the wonderful dogs.