Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sketching (and GIVEAWAY)

WINNER HAS BEEN SELECTED! FREE SPIRIT BUTTERFLY, YOU HAVE WON! I've been frustrated with myself of late because although I want to spend more time drawing, painting and writing, I never seem to have the time for it. I've been looking at several other blogs that have to do with water color painting, drawing, sketching, etc. and I saw a suggestion in one of the blogs to keep a sketch's a way to force/allow yourself time to do a bit of art every day. I like the idea.

So I went to Blaines (THE art store in Anchorage) and used the last of my Christmas Gift Certificate to purchase a sketch book. I am going to start sketching and I'm going to post occasional pictures here so you can see I'm doing it. That will hold me accountable. Maybe.

Here's what I've been doing. Ta Da!

In celebration of my new found discipline (which may only last a week!), I'm going to give away a set of my wildlife cards to you! Why? Because you are going to hold me accountable. And encourage me. And badger me if needed. You didn't know there was a job involved with reading my blog, did you now? Well, surprise! There is!

The contest closes at 6:00 pm (Alaska time) on Friday (3/6). All you have to do is comment on THIS post and tell me what your creative side likes to do. Drawing, painting, cake decorating, beading, crocheting? Whatever it is, I want to hear about it. It will encourage me to take the time to do the things I love to do. My sweetie (or my dog) will randomly pick a number to choose the winner.

PS You can see the wildlife cards on my sidebar to the right.

PSS If you don't have a creative side, then tell me what floats your boat....reading? eh Kris?


Aunt Krissy said...

I do love to read. But I think cooking is my creative side. I like to see a recipe and then make changes and make it so it's what I would want. Not what somebody thinks would be good.

Rebecca said...

I want a set!!:) Well I like all kinds of art: water color painting, doodling, POTTERY, mostly on the wheel, photography, crocheting. But I scarcely have enough time to do my homework, let alone all those other wonderful things!

crochet lady said...

Wow a giveaway, so exciting! Good for you! I'm so glad you are going to sketch more. You're first ones in your new book are great. The dogs look so cozy on their mats.

You know I love to crochet. I also like to make jewelry, compose cont. Christian music, write poetry and short stories, love to make cards and scrap book pages collage style.

In the future I would like to give quilting a try and painting. I have tinkered a little with watercolors in the past and drawing. I have a few things I did in my teens up in the house. Someday I would like to try my hand at watercolors again, I am sure I would have a lot to learn.

If by chance I don't win your giveaway (althougth I am hoping I do) maybe we could swap some art work - something crocheted for a small watercolor sketch perhaps? Just a thought.

SandyAlaska said...

Well I crochet afghans that I give away.. some to family but they have so many now that I'm now giving them away to the Kenai Care Center who work with teens having problems.. I think I have seven ready to go over then after I finish the one I'm working on... Hopefully I'm so busy with tomato greenhouse that I don't have time for crocheting thro the summer... Am I eligible now? or do you want more? ;o)

S dot

purplepaint said...

Maryann - so glad I could inspire you! Your drawings are awesome and I loved seeing all the snow scuptures! Thank you for your nice comments on my sketches. Marva

tainterturtles said...

I hear you about not having the time to do the things we love. Just keep plugging away and do the best you can.

Currently I've only been fixing friends broken jewelry. I want to make new jewelry, but I just run out of time. Hoo Hum!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I am passionate about so many things starting with the Lord.

I love to make personalize greeting cards. I've got about 5 of everything from Michaels and AC Moore. I am still amazed that I sell them for $5 a piece when people can buy a Halmark.

I love poetry and short stories check out Poetry and Prose when you visit my blog. It's on the blog roll. Those are my poems and short stories.

I love organizing. I'd love to work for Clean House, Mission Organization or any place where there's the before "clutter" and the after "neatness and calm"

I love working out and tried to study to be a personal trainer. Once I opened the manual, which was a webster's size dictionary, I decided to just give a few tips here and there to my friends and family.

And lastly, I love you sketches. My mom, son and sister draw and I say stick with it. You are good and you owe it to yourself to indulge in things you love. You are a very talented woman to include your photography.

Love, peace and blessings.

Alicia said...

So my thing/hobbie at the moment is scrap booking. It feels good to get all those memories in cronological order and in a book so whoever looks at it can enjoy it and know what year it was or where we were at. I started with 1984 and now about 14 books later I just completed 2002!! whoo hoo. My other hobbie/talent is that I am a cake decorater extordinare...(however you spell it..)I do wish I had your talent of drawing, though. Although maybe it's not right to wish for your talent and just be happy with my own. I just think you're like the best drawer/artist ever and I hope you can someway make more time for'm not trying to butter you up for the cards. I have my own collection of them already. In fact, if you draw my name, please put it back and chose someone else so they can win.
Oh yeah....My other talent is that I'm naturally "nice". chuckle, chuckle.

VickiM_OKC said...

Most of my creativity is in the fabric arts and I either do or have done almost everything at one time or another. Right now I am focusing on sewing and quilting.

My other (current) outlet is my line of greeting cards that I'm creating and hope to start marketing soon.
I do love the sketches you showed, especially of your dog. What I can see is beautiful!

Cathy said...

I tell my children.....the best way to become better at what you do is to simply do it! ( didn't know I was so wise did you?) Seriously, the sketch work you do looks very good, and I truly like that medium.
Presently, I like to knit anything and to sew,which includes smocking and embroidering, clothes for my daughter. But my interests are varied; there's just not enough time to do them all!