Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Sweetie

15 reasons I love my sweetie. Not just on Valentines Day, but every day!

1. He will fix a flat on my car any time of the day or night and come to where ever I'm at to fix it.
2. He opens doors for me....still.
3. He holds my hand in public even though I slow him down when we are walking together.
4. He has never gotten mad at me for bringing pets home. Even when he wasn't thrilled with my choices. (I've brought home a few dogs we hadn't discussed prior)
5. He mows our neighbors lawn every week in the summer.
6. He often brushes snow off my car in the morning.
7. He is good with saving money and plans for our retirement.
8. He thinks I'm cute even though I'm not. (okay, I'm kind of cute, but I'm ugly in the mornings and many other times too.)
9. He loves me even more when I'm sick and drooly and snotty and icky.
10. He tells me often that he loves me and that he can't imagine life without me.
11. He teases me.
12. He winks at me across the room sometimes when we are in a crowd.
13. He has always helped out my family when needed.
14. He is dependable and hard-working.
15. He plays with children.

In just a little over a week we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary! I started out with just 10 items but kept thinking of more....and the list could still go on, but you may get bored. Does that mean he's perfect in every way? No, but he's mine. And I love him and I'll take him as he is.

PS: he is also very handsome.


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Who needs perfect when you've got 15 incredibly great reasons and a PS at the end of that? I would ask if he has a brother but I'm not willing to move to Alaska. Even though all your photos are amazing. You've got a great package and I hope that he has 15+ things to add to his list. I would have loved to have had 25 years of bliss with someone special. I'm so very happy for you!

Enjoy this day and I would say remember all the reasons why your feel in love, but you seemed to have never fallen out!

Love, peace and continued blessings!

tainterturtles said...

Your husband is a sweeite and I can't wait to meet him when you all come to visit Krissy!

Ditto on the PS! I've seen pics of T and you are right!!!!! Enjoy your Valentine's Day.

Aunt Krissy said...

He is one of the best BIL a sister could have. Remember how you used to chase the poor guy? You were kind of a stalker! He did'nt have a chance. And when you asked him to marry you? He knew that he just should give up, he would never be free.

I love your sweeite!

PAK ART said...

AFSB - He does have 5 brothers, but alas, all married!
AK - I wouldn't call it stalking, more like extreme persuasion. I never once hid and watched him! However, I did manage to bike ride with my dog near his work on occassion so that I could "just happen" to visit him on his lunch break.

crochet lady said...

Sounds like real keeper and a real blessing.