Friday, February 13, 2009

For my Valentine

This is what I made my husband for Valentines Day. He loves these big cappacino mugs for soup.

One of my girlfriends and I went to this shop called "Color Me Mine" where you can purchase a piece of greenware and then sit in their shop and paint it however you want. They offer all the paint, brushes, supplies, suggestions, know-how and cleanup for a studio fee of just $8. (the piece I purchased was $12 so my total was just $20) We spent approximately 3 hours making our masterpieces. My friend painted a serving tray with a southwestern motif. It turned out very nice. (you can see a corner of it in the picture below)

I started by painting pastel sections all around the cup and one spot in the bottom. Each color had to be painted three times so it took awhile.

Next I cut heart shapes out of contact paper and applied them all around the cup over the different colors.

Then I painted black over the entire mug three times. Once that was dry, I removed the contact paper and then used a paint marker to write the words in the hearts.

The last step was for the shop to fire our pieces in a kiln. It took one week before they called and told us to come and get our things. I was very pleased with the results and I think Tim will like it too.


Aunt Krissy said...

I love that place. Thats where I made my big cup.

PS I love the card that you sent!
I was just laughing and laughing!
I'm giggling just remembering it!

tainterturtles said...

What a neat idea. I've never heard of a place like that where you can go and make your own greenware item.

Love your soup cup for your hubby....the inside touch is very nice too.

crochet lady said...

Thats really fun! My poor hubby isn't getting anything for Valentines Day, well maybe something, but I won't talk about that.

Cathy said...

I painted a similar a mug for my husband one year and placed a heart in the very bottom. One day Charlotte was drinking from this mug and her exclamations of joy were contagious when she discovered the heart at the end of the empty cup.It did my heart good!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

WOW, we have one of those here. I've been meaning to go and create something and never got around to it. Thanks for reminding me. I just may go tomorrow. I'm off.

PS I took your idea and I went downtown this morning and took some pictures of the city. The Capitol, The Smithsonian, The Monument and various other sites.

It was fun. I felt like a tourist.

Have a great weekend.

PAK ART said...

AFSB - until I started this blog I never looked around for what was interesting/beautiful in my own city. It always seemed that every other place was more exotic! I was fascinated by DC when I went there two years ago.
AK - Emily just got her card (it was a fuzzy red bear) She is calling it her B and carries it around.
CL - hahahaha