Saturday, January 24, 2009

Winter Blues

The view directly out my window today. It was snowing and I tried to capture that but the freshly falling snow doesn't show.

Today was a hectic, irritating, icky day. And it was Saturday so it should have been a day of rest but it wasn't.

I barely slept last night so I slept in an hour this morning. I had intended to go into work at 8:00 but didn't get there till 10:00. I've been working the past 3 Saturdays to get caught up. Although I have a replacement for my vacant position, she's never done A/P before so my time is spent training her plus doing her job and mine.

I put in 6 1/2 hours today and was just finishing up the overtime report which I do for our division when I realized I didn't get overtime for today! Rats! It feels unfair, but in reality it isn't. I didn't work Monday due to the Martin Luther King Holiday. But getting overtime pay was what was getting me through the day.

Then I shopped at Sams Club. I hate shopping in those big box stores especially with all the little munchkins running around unattended. People, please keep your precious children near your own cart or I will be tempted to run them over.

Then I came home to my precious, whining, jumping, irritating dogs. Did I just say about three blogs ago that if you don't have dogs, you should go out and get some? My mistake. Do not, I repeat, do not go out and get any more annoying dogs.

Now it's 7:00 pm and the hungry husband is home and I have to cook dinner. I love him, but does he really need food every night?


Alicia said...

I bet he'd be happy with any thing bacon...and yeah...they do need to eat every night. They're not quite like fish where you can skip a day or two or three...oops sorry if you ever left me in charge of feeding your fish!

Aunt Krissy said...

your funny Alicia! Thats why I never had you watch Abby! And patty? You can slop anything on Tims plate and he will eat it!

tainterturtles said...

Sounds like you had a bad day Patty. I'm sure it didn't help that you lost sleep the night before.

As for the dreaded meal preparation after coming home from a long day's work...grilled cheese sandwiches always work for me, and don't forget a nice glass of wine to jazz up the sandwiches, hee, hee!

PAK ART said...

No wonder all my baby guppies were gone each time I came back after putting Alicia in charge of feeding fish. They got so hungry they ate the babies!

crochet lady said...

Once in a while I declare a feed yourself night. It works. Hope you had a relaxing day today.

We have gone a few days without feeding our fish too.