Monday, January 5, 2009


My Chauffeur - Travis

I left my Neon at the Dodge dealership for a check-up and estimate to get it fixed. Would you believe $825 for solenoid pack and tranny fluid flush and new filter? I didn't do it. I called a transmission shop that one of my friends from work recommended. They quoted around $400 if, in fact, they came to the same diagnosis. Half the price!

So I called the dealership and told them I was taking the car to another shop for a second opinion. They said fine and I went to pick it up. They charged me $200 (yep, you heard me!) for the basic transmission check. Not fixing it, mind you. Just checking it. Oh, yeah - they turned the "check engine" light out too. I'm still in shock. I protested the $200 but they said that was a standard charge and part of the $825 estimate they had given me. So if I take it back it will be only $625.

I'm still fuming and it's an hour later. I don't think I'll be going back to that shop! Wish me luck at the tranny shop I'm taking it to tomorrow. I hope it really is only $400.

fume, fume, fume, fume. Still fuming.


crochet lady said...

Sorry. I hate having to take cars into get worked on. That really sounds like a rip off. Hope you can get it worked out.

Aunt Krissy said...

go to Craigs list and go to rants and raves and tell all about how you are getting ripped off! Thats a load of C*$%&. Did they tell you up front about the 200 charge? Did you ask them to fix the check engine light? I'm so cranky for you!

tainterturtles said...

I feel your pain! Why do auto shops have to ripe customers off?

So that's a picture of Travis??? Wow, what a hunk!

PAK Art said...

thanks for commiserating. I do plan to write a letter of complaint and request a refund. No, I was not told that it would be a minimum of $200. I'm better on paper than in person. In person I just get angry and tears get in my eyes. So the letter is a better option.