Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Painting with watercolors

I'm up late painting with watercolors. I'm working on a picture for my sister for Christmas (now you know my big secret Kris!) One of the problems with watercolor is that after each stage, you have to let the paper completely dry. And I don't want to use a hairdryer because that will blow the paint in a certain direction and I want it to stay blended the way it is. So I wait.

In between I loaded the dishwasher.

Another in between I loaded the washing machine.

Another in between I ate three stuffed mushrooms. Yummy. And then I read through some junk mail. Now I'm just ready to be done so I can go to bed! I'm tired.

Actually with a lot of watercolors you don't have to let the picture completely dry - that's called wet into wet painting. I just happen to like a little more control. I'm not a washy painter, yet. I'm still very conservative with my brush. I'm learning to control a gradated wash. I have this book called Mastering the Watercolor Wash by Joe Garcia and it explains all the different ways to use different styles of washes. There is one step-by-step project that I've painted three times now because it is the painting I want to give my sister. I'm still practising. I'm not perfect yet.


tainterturtles said...

Now you have me quessing and wondering what you are painting for your sister. Hopefully after Christmas you can show us a pic of the painting. Hey, don't lose your beauty sleep!!!! Go to bed.

Aunt Krissy said...

Tell me! Tell me now! I can hardley wait!

crochet lady said...

Watercolors. Wow I haven't tried that since highschool. I've always wanted to try it again but am a little daunted. Hopefully the sister your painting it for will show me.