Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This picture is from last year. It's on a swamp near our cabin with Mt. McKinley in the background. That's me on the far right on my granny machine.

I wonder if anyone is getting tired of snow updates yet? Oh well, it's my blog so I guess I can write what I want. Did I hear you mumble something under your breath? Well, I could post more snowy mountain pics too....or more pics of my favorite dog Panda. But I'll spare you this time. Just snow updates. Again.

Tim called from the cabin. He was just up two weeks ago and since then we have received 15 more inches of snow; he measured it on the porch before shoveling it off. Then he tuned in to the Talkeetna radio station and got an update on the weather. They are prediciting 8-12 more inches tonight. If it does snow that much he may be in trouble tomorrow when he tries to drive his truck out of the parking lot. He said the riding is getting good. I'm getting very anxious to be able to go join him on one of these adventures. But right now I'm too booked up at work to take any time off. Mid December is looking better.

We were both able to get a few days off during the week that Katie and Adrian will be here. They come in on the 22nd and leave on the 29th. Just one week at Christmas with us then they will be heading to TX to visit Adrian's family. Katie has only met his mom and one brother so far, so this time she is the one getting to meet all the family. We plan to take Katie and Adrian snow machining out to the cabin one day. He's seen snow before but not like we get it here. And he's never been on a snow machine or been out in the wilderness. It will be so much fun!

Travis and Becky will be home for Christmas too. They come in the 13th and will be here a month. It is so wonderful to have both my kids, spouses and grandbaby here at's the best present I could ask for. Almost as good as the best present of all time I received 22 years ago. It was my first baby, Katie, born on Christmas Day.


Aunt Krissy said...

I wish I could come up for Christmas! I really am missing the cabin thing right now! It also snowed here. about 1 inch, its cold about 10/15 above with the winds coming from the north at about 15mph

tainterturtles said...

Keep sending the snow pictures, I never get tired of them. I'm so glad your kids are coming home for Christmas...I know exactly how you feel.

Jenny said...

Well it looks like I will get to finally meet your son in law and Grandbaby as I will be in Anchorage for Christmas with JT. I'm not staying long as I am getting more anti-social the older I get. sorry but Anchorage is too full of stupid people (maybe its me? instead) and I get cranky. I don't have to put up with cranky even if it is me lololol besides I would rather be out riding anyway. I love snow and cold