Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Shopping

I had a most wonderful day out Christmas Shopping. I got a lot done, had lunch with my sister and even got all my packages ready to mail. I'm going to the airport post office later tonight and will use the magic machine so I don't have to stand in line.

I started the day with a migraine headache - this has been a bad year with lots of headaches. But I solved that with my medication and went back to bed for an hour. When I woke up, headache was gone so I got ready to go. I went and got my hair cut at Great Clips - cheap and they did a great job. Then I went to two stores to get shipping material (bubble wrap and dry ice - no one sells dry ice in the winter. hmpf.)

Here's what I did today:
Blockbuster Videos - didn't buy any, but looked at used ones.
Great Clips - haircut
Fred Myer (bubble wrap and dry ice)
Carrs (dry ice - no go)
Home (packaged everything up)
Fed Ex (can't ship today, will ship Monday. Mom & Dad Kilson - your pkg will arrive Tuesday!)
Home again (to put fish back in freezer)
Southside Bistro (met Alicia for lunch)
Ace Hardware (light globes for hallway - I broke them both when we painted last summer)
Post Office (lines too long - I'm impatient!)
Sportsmans Warehouse (something for Tim maybe)
Michaels (frame and mat for drawing for a friend)
Borders Books (I love this store! Got presents for Katie, Jadyn and JoJo)
Carrs (again! picked up stuff for cookies for work and dinner)

After dinner I'm going back to post office and will mail my packages and then run by my folks house and check the fridge. We (Patti and I) took some food over yesterday so the kids (Becky and Travis) would have a few staples. The fridge stunk so we turned it on and put baking soda in it. I'm going to check it to see if I need to air it out. Then Tim and I are meeting the kids at 10:00 (or so) tonight. Yay! Half of my family gets home tonight! It's a great day. And all that shopping and going to stores? People were nice everywhere I went, helpful clerks, two people at two places stopped me to inform me I had dropped a glove (I have got to stash them better!) It felt like a wonderful, productive day. I like those kinds of days!


Aunt Krissy said...

Oh! The southside bistro, did you have the shrimp sandwich? Was it good?

tainterturtles said...

Sounds like a very productive day. After church today I plan on doing alittle shopping. I won't do too much shopping however because we are having rain & freezing rain today so I won't be out too long in case the roads glaze over later today.

Jenny said...

Next time I meet you at SSB I want something other than the Shrimp Sandwich...I am sure they have other tasty things. I decided to make Emily a quilt instead of buying something so I better get on it instead of gabbing here....Three more seams and the top is done than on to the best part layering and than quilting it... am trying to make it not so heavy duty so that it not to warm for where she lives

crochet lady said...

Sounds like a great day. I went shopping Friday with my youngest son for his dad, but all we did was walk around the mall, he couldn't decide on what to get.