Friday, November 21, 2008

What an RDU III does

Here's what my sweetie does each day while I'm upstairs in the admin office shuffling papers.

He is an RDU III (Refuse Disposal Utilityman) and drives a transfer truck loaded with garbage just like this from the Transfer Station in Anchorage to the landfill in Eagle River. On a normal day he'll do this round trip 5 times. Sometimes he goes to Girdwood to take down an empty trailer and haul back a full one. This usually only happens on Saturdays, but sometimes on other days also.
He drives the transfer truck down into this pit where the trailer is filled with garbage from above. After filling it with garbage, he pulls forward, cleans off the top and closes the screens before heading out to Eagle River. The screens are supposed to prevent garbage from blowing out and littering the roadways.
On Fridays he is scheduled to operate the loader. He spends all day pushing garbage from the tipping floor to the cherry pickers whose job it is to pack the garbage into the trucks waiting in the pit below.
He gets to operate the cherry pickers too - usually not all day, but covering for breaks and when someone is out sick or on leave. He enjoys operating the loader and cherry picker more than driving.


Alicia said...

ohhhh...think of all the treasures he will find for you this Christmas out on the tipping floor!! ha ha

PAK Art said...

Scrounging is strictly forbidden so if he accidently brings home some cushions, or a birdhouse, ro bowling ball that would be cool. But may not for a gift.

Aunt Krissy said...

Just think, I decorate my house in early American garage sale, you?
2008 tipping scale?