Thursday, November 20, 2008

Best Friends

My previous dog Pepsi did not like to have her space invaded. If Maryann came too close she would growl and then snap at her to make sure she didn't lay down next to her. After Pepsi was gone and I got my puppy, Panda, things changed around our house. Panda the puppy thought Maryann was the neatest thing since sliced bread. She followed Maryann around and snuggled up next to her when it was time to go to sleep. It seemed like Panda chose Maryann as her big sister and Maryann liked it, a furry puppy helped to keep a short-haired dog warm.

Panda has continued to lay close to Maryann whenever possible. They both snuggle in the kennel together and when we go to the cabin, Maryann crawls into an old sleeping bag and Panda lays on top, shutting her in and keeping her warm.

They are best friends....except when they're fighting.

When Roxy came along they snubbed her. Panda will play with her, but Maryann won't. Roxy always curls up all by herself to go to sleep and has her own kennel. The other dogs don't encourage her toget too close and she doesn't choose to snuggle up to them. I find it fascinating to watch our pack's behaviour and all the relationship issues that come along with being in a pack. By the way, Tim is top dog, I'm second and then the other three all fight amongst themselves for position. Somedays Maryann is top dog, other days it's Panda. Roxy thinks she's the boss even though the other two constantly put her back in her place.
Nobody likes me, everybody hates me. Think I'll eat some worms!


Aunt Krissy said...

are you sure that your 2nd?
It's nice to be, I'm top dog in my pack of 2. Abby snuggles with me to keep warm!

tainterturtles said...

Nice doggy pictures. Their so cute snuggling together.