Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Squack! Squack!

I have been hearing nothing but squacking from the different local political candidates this past week. Each evening we get at least 5 or 6 recorded messages urging us to vote one way or another. I'm sure you all are experiencing the same but I think it's worse for Alaska right now as our current senator, Ted Stevens, has just been convicted on 7 counts of taking bribes/gifts/etc that he didn't disclose on his campaign forms.

His side: It was an unfair trial. He's requesting an appeal. He's done a lot for our state. He'll win and everything will be back to normal and so we should all vote for him anyways.
Other side: He's a crook. Don't vote for him. The trial was fair, he'll be tied up in appeals and never actually work for us in the senate. The senate will probably kick him out anyways.

It's enough to make a person crazy. Have you ever listened to ravens and magpies? They squack at things they are unhappy about. Ravens will gang up on an eagle and harrass it until it flys away. Magpies will sit up on a fence or the top of our garage roof and just squack at the dogs below.
I feel like I've been listening to a raven/magpie debate for the past week or two. I'll be glad when the elections are over.


tainterturtles said...

Boy oh boy do I hear you Patty. Last Saturday when I got our 6th automated political call that day, I couldn't help it, but I screamed into the phone....it felt soooooo good! We've never experienced so many political calls before in one day. I am so disgusted at this whole election thing. It's almost over.

Jenny said...

Every year at this time we get to vote for someone or something. I would really like to see a vote about that this only happens ONCE every four years. You ought to try having a birthday at this time a year and all anyone wants to talk about is that squack/yakyakyak you discribed. And for about the tenth time in our lives we agree on something.....wooooohoooooo! Thats something to be excited about, for me anyway. Its one of the main reasons I don't have TV in my living spaces. It has been real quiet here and I actually had to search for the place you vote at.
When are you going to see Kris? I was reading your blog about the throw mom made, When did you get yours? I'm trying to figure out when I might get mine since she started with the grandkids and then the youngest to oldest and ????? was the estimated time of mine. Can you tell I'm a little jealous? I'm really smiling. Hope those magpies get off the air soon for you

PAK Art said...

JP - mine took about 2 years I think, so she has Kathy's to do and then yours so a rough estimate would be 4 years. If she reads this she is probably laughing.

I'm happy we can agree on something too. You know something else we agree on is that we can agree to disagree and still love ya like a sister, which you are!

Alicia said...

*group hug*

Patty, when you get back we should do some book scrapping together...now that your more organized and have found your pictures and stuff...and yeah...maybe we should finish up mom and dads 50th anniversary book too!