Monday, November 3, 2008

Ice Skaters

Tim had to do a run to Girdwood on Saturday (to haul trash from the transfer station in Girdwood to the transfer station in Anchorage) and saw ice skaters at Potter's Marsh. I didn't even know that was a skating place, but apparently it is. He said both pullouts were packed with cars as well as vehicles parked along the edge of the highway. He estimated there were at least a hundred ice skaters.

I checked it out on Sunday after church, and yep, there were skaters, but not nearly as many as he had seen. There was also a guy flying a model airplane. I took pictures, but the people are all far away so may be hard to see.

This picture is for you Adrian! I thought of you and how much fun you would have flying planes here where there are no power lines to get in your way.

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Aunt Krissy said...

So the lakes are iced over and just think, today it got to 78 in Eau Claire!