Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chaos controlled

For several weeks now I have been nagging myself to clean the guest room (Katie's old room) and my art room. The guest room had 4 large totes full of Katie stuff that she stored when she left home some 2 1/2 years ago. She was supposed to go through it this summer when she was up to visit, but never got it done. So I went through it all and consolidated it down to 2 totes. I mostly worked on that last Saturday. I took several bags to Salvation Army.

Yesterday I worked on my art room - 3 garbage bags later, I am done. I took down and put away my little aquarium (guppie nursery) and cleaned my art tables. On my art tables I found paint (watercolor, acrylic and face paint), a special box of drawing pencils and erasers that I lost a year ago, photographs, wedding announcements, old raven costume, 5 various rolls of tape, 3 bottles of assorted glue, books, mail, stickers, paper scraps, several recipes, paper doilies, plastic chili novelties, puppets, several magazines, banner making material, and too much more to mention. Oh - I also found my marker board I was going to put on the wall to help me keep organized! Ha! I did put it up and now have a list of art projects I need to do. Now that I have room, I can start to work on the painting I'm supposed to be doing and the paper cutting crafts I had planned for Christmas.

I plan to start those projects today after church. It feels good to finally get something done. I deserve a gold star.


Aunt Krissy said...

You should get a gold star! I wish I could see the new clean rooms!
Now on to the space that you have the washer and dryer at!

PAK Art said...

Don't get too concerned about that space! I plan to do photo's next. If and when I ever get a round tuit.

tainterturtles said...

Don't you get a good feeling from cleaning and organizing? I think we should see pics of your new clean rooms!!!

Rebecca said...

You should have taken before and after pictures of your rooms!! I always like those kind of shots:) Although you might not want to display your messes for the world :) Love reading your blog by the way!!