Saturday, October 4, 2008


This is the post I meant to do Thursday but got too much in a rush to head out of town. I've got some good pics from the retreat and will post tomorrow, but here's my story from Thursday.
This pic is the dining hall at Solid Rock.
THURSDAY around 10:00 am
It’s been a bad morning. Nothing goes right when you don’t feel well. I’m sick with a cold or something. It’s possible I’ve got strep throat. Two friends whom I talked with on Sunday both received a doctor confirmed diagnosis of strep throat this week. I’ve already requested Friday off so I could attend the Ladies Retreat at Solid Rock Bible Camp in Soldotna. If I hadn’t, I would have called in sick today, Thursday. But I didn’t - too much work to get done and since I won’t be in Friday, need to get it done today.

I’m at my desk this morning, when I noticed a white goop on an envelope I was handling. My boss was in my office so I quickly grabbed a tissue and wiped it off without him noticing. My first thought was that maybe I had sneezed something (don’t even think about what that might be!) onto the envelope. Then a few minutes later, I had the same white goop on my arm. I was puzzled. This was definitely more than a sneeze….something else. But what? It reminded me of hand lotion. I smelled it. Didn’t smell like anything - totally non-scented. I wasn’t brave enough to taste it. I got back to work and then noticed more sticky spots on my desk and a couple pieces of paper. What was going on?!

Then I picked up the phone and there, close to my handset was a big glob of white goop on my phone cord. Then it hit me……I had vanilla yogurt for breakfast at my desk. Somehow I had dipped the phone cord into the yogurt and every time I answered a call, my cord would bounce around and deposit little bits of white goop onto my desk. So now I’ve completely cleaned the phone cord and hope that nothing else thwarts my efforts today.


tainterturtles said...

Yogurt....who would think. That actually sounds like something I would do. The women's bible retreat sounds interesting. I really liked your pic.

Aunt Krissy said...

Poor Patty! I hope you feel better soon! The reason for going off the road was looking at the tick. dont do that! keep your eye on the road! Was the retreat fun? or too sick to really enjoy it? who was the speeker? was this the same retreat that Alicia and Jess went to ?

PAK Art said...

The speaker was Cindy Sigler Dagnan from Web City, MO - that's right next to Joplin. The retreat was good but I missed two sessions due to feeling to sick to attend. I skipped some of the singing parts too because I was just too tired and snuffly to attend. Alicia attended retreat at same location but different speaker, theme, etc.

patty s said...

ROFL - gotta keep on the look out for attacking yogurt! ;o)