Friday, October 31, 2008

Harvest Party

Tonight was the big night for the CCA Harvest Party (Family Fun Festival). We've always called it a Harvest Party until I opened my big mouth at a planning meeting and said, "I don't really get the harvest part of it. It's not really harvest for kids in Alaska - it's winter." So we decided to change the name to the Fall Family Fun Festival but signs were already made for the Harvest Party. Next year (on Halloween) we are having our new Festival.
We didn't have as many kids this year as last. Only about 20 tonight - last year we counted 50. I'm not complaining. Last year I was exhausted by the end of the evening; this year I had much more fun. I did face painting at my booth again and am including pictures of some of the kids. The black-masked boy is my nephew JoJo.
Tim stayed home and handed out candy to kids going trick-0r-treating in our neighborhood. He was half way through the evening before he realized our door bell wasn't working (someone painted over it this summer when painting our house!) and the kids weren't knocking loud enough over the barking dogs for him to know that kids were there. He said he heard lots of kids, but assumed they were across or in the street. He was wondering why we didn't have as many coming to our door. Once he realized the bell wasn't working he watched more carefully and got several of the later ones. We have tons of candy left over!


Alicia said...

your welcome....about the paint being over the doorbell.. Tim didn't have to get up and answer the door too much and you get to pig out on lots of left over candy! I hope you got the good stuff!!

whoo hoo....can't wait to get your Christmas wish list. Should you just bypass Tim and hand it to me? Didja go to Target yet? I've been there twice. Their clothing section sucks though. Can't wait till Kohls opens! :)

Aunt Krissy said...

WOW How lame Alicia! DId you wait in line at Target when it opened?

Patty, isnt it cold when your outside trunk-treating?

tainterturtles said...

The kid pics are great. Gosh that looks like a fun party. Since no kids were coming for tricks and treats, Ted, Chris and I went down to the local establishment (Pioneer Bar & Grill) and ordered hamburgers and waffle was so yummy. I was a good girl and ordered a root beer while most people were drinking "witches brew"!!!!!

PAK Art said...

yes, it was cold but I'd just been inside for 2 1/2 hours in a sweatshirt so I was hot and the cold felt good....for awhile. Haven't been to Target yet, I'll wait till the one on the southside of town opens. Where's Kohl's going to be?