Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Christmas Shopping Tim style

My husband has been bugging me to write a Christmas list so he'll know what to get me for Christmas because it would take too much precious bullet trajectory memory banks to actually remember what I might like. You know how wives point out things in magazines or at the store and then the husband totally doesn't get it and can't quite figure out why she might be mentioning that stuff. It all seems like useless information to him, not nearly as important as the range of a particular scope or the black powder grain/weight ratio for reloading.

I told him today that he still has plenty of time for shopping when he replied, "Yeah, but Alicia might need time to get all your stuff." That made me laugh hard. See, this is how my husband shops for Christmas and Birthday gifts for me. He asks me to write down things I might like and to be specific. Then he gets in contact with my two younger sisters and makes them do his shopping and even gift wrapping if he can. Kris has just moved to Wisconsin which means the bulk of HIS shopping will have to be done by Alicia this year. Fortunately for him, Alicia is the one who actually likes to wrap presents so he won't have to butter her up to get it done.

Sometimes I buy myself gifts and then wrap them and put to me, from him. That works too.


Aunt Krissy said...

Poor Tim, I can shop for him from here with his CC! and mail it to you? maybe Alicia will make him cookies while your here with me on your little vacation

tainterturtles said...

Ted and I are weird about Christmas presents. We buy each other presents at other times of the year, like summer, then we say this is our Christmas present! So at Christmas time, we usually don't exchange gifts with each other, and that's ok. We just have gifts for our kids and Ted's grandkids. Gosh, we're boring people aren't we?