Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Three of a Kind

I'm not sure if you can tell by looking at these three pics, but there are at least 5 things the same in each one.

1. Each is a picture of my favorite dog
2. Each dog is/was aggresive to other dogs not in our family
3. Each dog was at one time top dog in our family
4. They all love(d) to swim
5. They all love(d) to fetch sticks

Oh, and you probably noticed some other and white coloring and floppy ears? Yes. That's the same too. I tend to pick the same type of dog over and over. They all had Border Collie and probably Lab in them....who knows? They are all mutts.
The top if my first dog Snicker - I got her before I married Tim, she lived for 10 years. The second picture is Pepsi, I don't have a digital picture of her but this is a watercolor painting I did several years ago. She had to be put down at 8 years because of cancer in her muzzle. The third picture is Panda, my current dog. She's happy, loving and on ocassion annoying.
Although they all look alike, and have had similar personalities, each one is/was her own dog and is/was loved very much.
PS - my sister Kris took the B & W photo on top for a photography class in high school.


Aunt Krissy said...

whats sad is that I only liked them cause I felt pity for them! all your dogs are just odd! and they all lick! lick lick lick!

tainterturtles said...

xgamqqI bet they were all good doggies. Isn't it funny how each dog or cat has their own personalities? My current cat is nothing like my former cats. I may consider having you paint a picture (rock) of my former cats too, but only if you have time....there's no time frame either. We can talk with you come for a visit next month.