Monday, September 1, 2008

Muddy Dogs

Going to the cabin on such muddy trails ensures that the dogs get muddy too. MaryAnn and Panda don't mind, but Roxy nimbly jumps back and forth over the puddles trying not to get wet. She stills does, just not to the extent that the other two do.

Roxy trots in front, merrily leading the way. Panda keeps herself paced between the two 4-wheelers. She gets worried if I lag too far behind. In all the pics in the previous post you can see that Panda has come back to check on me because I've stopped to take pictures.

MaryAnn slogs along behind me, loping through the mud and being careful not to get too close to the wheels. Since she is our oldest and not as fast as the other two, I try to keep a slower pace so she doesn't have to work so hard to keep up.

We do get mud though.....lots of mud. We have recently relagated the dogs to the back of the truck which has a canopy AND couch cushions for them to lay on. We used to let them ride on the back seat but the tons of mud became a huge issue for the owner of the truck.

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Aunt Krissy said...

Poor MaryAnne! and she old too! She should come live with me! Not!
i dont need a new door!