Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This is the first cabin my husband built. It's cute, yet small. We enjoyed it for a few years. Then my sister bought the 5 acres next to us. We still enjoyed it, but then she wanted a cabin too. So she bought a kit and my husband agreed to help her build a cabin too. To show us up, she had to have a BIGGER cabin then we had. So my husband helped her to build a cabin. Then she decided to up and move from Alaska and live on a farm in Wisconsin. (See her transition to farm land here: transplantedalaskan.blogspot.com)
We bought her property and now her old cabin is my new big cabin. It's not finished yet; the upstairs still needs to be insulated, some gaps in the corners and around the windows need filling, the porch needs a roof, there's a squirrel living in the rafters and the grounds need to be cleared a bit. Plus, the outhouse needs to be de-spidered. That's not a real word, but it is really what needs to be done.
I asked my husband why her outhouse has more spiders than my old outhouse. He said it's because she painted hers white and mine was au natural. So it's not that she has more spiders, it's just I can see them better. Regardless, I don't like spiders; especially when I'm in a compromising position and can't get up and run.

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Aunt Krissy said...

They want to bite your butt! big time...not your butt!! just bite you. I paid the spiders to be there
I paid them in flies