Saturday, September 27, 2008


I haven't had to keep up with a 4-year old in a long time. Today was exhausting. First, I didn't sleep well last night because the princess wanted to sleep with us, and eventually I ended up with no bed left to sleep on. I went to the couch which is great for naps, but not for all night. Finally got up and made Tim his lunch, fed the dogs and let them out, then as soon as he got up for work, I went back to bed - in my own bed. We had another 2 hours before Jadyn awoke and was ready to start her fun-filled day.

She told me that she wanted to go to the movies, zoo, Imaginarium, bowling, Chuck E. Cheese, Over the Rainbow, and Toys R Us. I diplomatically told her that we would probably have time for only three of those things.

My mother joined us and picked up JoJo. We met at the Dodge dealership where I left my car to get it's oil changed. Driving together with my mom, we went up to the zoo. It's fairly large and took approximately one hour to tour the whole place. After that we went to Taco Bell for lunch, then picked up Kathy (JoJo's mom) and went downtown to the Imaginarium where we spent at least another hour or two. After that we dumped Kathy and JoJo and mom took me back to get my car. Then she deserted me.
Jadyn still wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese, and I had about two hours before Tim would be home from work so we went. AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Every time I go to Chuck E. Cheese, I vow never to return. I hate that place. Too full of screaming, running, hot and sweaty children and their parents. Most of the games are too short but each costs a token. Jadyn is not very good at the games so doesn't win many tickets. By the end we had 35 tickets to spend which equated to a whistle, tootsie pop and a beaded ring. We stood in line 30 minutes for that. Of course, in full view are all the wonderful prizes which cost 2,000 or 3,500 tickets. And it's hard for the little ones to understand the difference between 3,500 and 35. It seems so unfair, the little boy in front of her picked out all sorts of good stuff and then she gets a tootsie pop. She's a good sport though.
Then we came home and I washed dishes, did a load of laundry, gave Jadyn a bath and made her a bed on the floor. She doesn't want to sleep in bed with us tonight....I tried not to show too much enthusiasm when she had that idea!
I'm getting too old for this! It's great to have a little one around, but boy, have I forgotten how much work it is!


tainterturtles said...

Wow, how did you have all that energy to keep up with her? I actually felt tired just reading your post!!! What a nice auntie you are for making her weekend special. Now go treat yourself!!!!!!!!!!

Aunt Krissy said...

Just think, if I was up in Alaska I would have said " you're on your own! " That sound like a really long day. Did you play the game where you hit the little things on the head as they pop up?

Alicia said...

Thanks alot Patty. now you raised the bar on what my precious grandausghter will be wanting from me! So far she has been pretty satisfied with playing pet shop (she pretends she's a kitty and I pick her out and buy her and take her for walks around the house) but nooooo...from now on she'll be saying..."but Aunt Patty took me to chuck E cheese" Awww...maybe I'll just bribe her with a yummy "dinner" of whipping cream with choc. chips sprinkled on top!

PAK Art said...

I may have been set up a bit too because she was nervous to come over and spend the night. Saturday evening, after all the other fun we had all day, she asked "So when are we going to do Arts & Crafts?"