Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mid-May Snowfall

I'm still alive and well.  I've been so busy with work lately, that I just feel too tired when I get home to blog so I haven't been around much.  Once you get away from the habit of writing daily, it gets easier and easier not to do it.  I don't know where I'm going with this blog....maybe not continuing it.  

I attended a Ladies Retreat last weekend.  It snowed Friday and most of Saturday.  This is what my cabin and surroundings looked like.  It was very beautiful, although we were all hoping for more springlike weather.  We set another record for longest winter from first snowfall to last (hopefully) on May 19.  It's already all melted, but sure looked like a winter wonderland while it was happening.  Last summer was the rainiest on record and the winter before set a record for highest snowfall.  I hope the next record is for most sunny days in a year!

I've been biking to work this week.  It's usually about 35 degrees in the morning and maybe up to high 40's when I come home.  Still too cold not to wear a jacket and gloves.  But it is nice.  I took a picture of Campbell Creek which the bike trail follows.  I'm fortunate to have a bike trail that takes me almost perfectly from our house to my place of work.

I'm hoping to work on an art project this weekend.  Its already mapped out in my head, just a matter of getting it done.


A Lady's Life said...

Well Pakart the blog is for you. You can always look back on it and remember the days when you put in your ideas and life into the world.
You can always stop and begin again at will and this is the good part about it.
Sometimes you run out of steam and feel like having a break but then you miss it and wonder what your blog friends are up to what they have to say and life goes on lol
Don't feel guilty. Just be yourself and all will be well.

Kellie said...

Yes I agree w/a lady's life. Do what you need to do.

Glad your most recent snow melted fast, hoping you get some spring/summer soon! Shoot it's almost June!

Good for you, biking to work :) be careful, those moose are hungry after the long winter.

Mim said...

snow in may - my first thought was "oh no!". I'm glad it melted -

good to see you!!!

Mim said...

snow in may - my first thought was "oh no!". I'm glad it melted -

good to see you!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We have had an unusually wet spring here. I am glad it isn't snow. But it has been cooler than normal here too. I misss seeing what is going on in your life. I am glad ot hear you are busy...and happy. Cheers.

Teri Casper said...

Yikes to the snow.
Yikes to you leaving. Please get back in the habit.

Anonymous said...

Horrible dry and hot in southern Colorado- will trade you your coolness and moisture for some dry heat!