Friday, February 1, 2013

Freaking Out

I will be leaving for a 2 and a half week vacation in just 2 weeks.  I have the plane tickets and the hotel, still need to get a rental car.  That part is going well.  What freaks me out is work.

I have about 20 things I need to do before I leave and there is no way it's all getting done.  My boss keeps making comments about how it all better run smoothly while I'm gone, yet I have exactly NO ONE to back me up.  Apparently I am supposed to have someone cross-trained in 2 weeks.  gaaaaah!  It's not possible!  I only have two employees and each of them is already working to capacity. 

Oh yeah, I'm completely out of postage at work.  Didn't get the check sent quick enough and now I'm going to have to run to post office and purchase a whole bunch of stamps.  Did I mention I'm stressing out? 

I know someday I will look back on this and laugh and say to myself, "Self, why did you get so stressed out over things that weren't that important in the long run?"  I'm reminding myself daily, this too shall pass.  My life is NOT defined by my job.  I'm only working there so I can have money to LIVE MY LIFE!

Good talk with self.  Now onward to work and conquering the day!  I will not get stressed out today!  And I will day dream of warm sunshine, palm trees, rural life and my grandchildren.


Cris, Oregon Artist said...

They will realize how much they NEED you when you are gone. Maybe they will get you some more help?? Yep do what you can and get out of Dodge when the vacation time comes. :)) Are you crossing off the days on the calendar? :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sounds like you need to get out of town and away from that demanding job for awhile. I hope you have a good time. Don't worry be happy. Life is too short. They will appreciate you when you are gone.

Marj said...

Have a great time on vacation (with your fam.) Work will realize how valuable you are when you get back!!! Keep posting :-)Marj.

A Lady's Life said...

Getting away is always a good thing.

I don;t know what kind of job you do but I know many women today, if they need to stay at home do the work with their computers from home.
You think you could fuse holidays with the job a few hours a day?
It would help you with the stress part.
Sounds like you have a difficult boss.

janice said...

Where are you going?

janice said...

Where are you going? I am leaving Thursday to visit with Lisa in Tn!!

Mim said...

Ive been there and you know what??? it's all there when you get back and everyone has survived!

Kellie said...

Deep Breath.... You can only do what you can do.