Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The day after....

I see many of my blogger friends are ecstatic, elated, happy, relieved, use a few terms I've read.  I am not.

I am a Christian, a Republican and a lifetime NRA member.  I am downhearted.  I believe we as a country are giving up our individual rights for socialism.  I do not think that is best for our country. We just wrote a blank check to the government for health care reform.  Do you really believe that putting healthcare in the hands of the government is a prudent thing to do?  I predict escalating debt for our country.  I am saddened that so many people can justify killing unborn children under the name "woman's health".  I am frightened by a government that wants to take individual rights away from it's people.

I am also mildly irritated that the news media was calling the race prior to many Alaskans getting a chance to vote.  I know we only have THREE electoral votes, but it does feel like our votes don't count.

I'm still your blogger friend.  I can remove politics from my friendships, but I can't join in your enthusiasm for the way our country is moving.  And it makes me feel dishonest not to mention my beliefs. 

Back to some art this weekend I hope!  I have been absent for some time due to internet issues and high-volume work. 


A Lady's Life said...

I agree. Obama has been aloof with Canada and we also wanted Romney to win.
Healthcare is a huge bureaucracy and bureaucracies are hard to deal with. You die faster under them because there is no accountability Just tons of mistakes and abuse of a system.
Also before the elections Obama was buying the people but after he won he told them they have to do it as Americans and they were all cheering not understanding a word he said.
So sad.I wonder if Romney will work with him now as he said he would like him to do.

Anonymous said...

When I heard at 715pm they declared Obama the winner, I thougth.. why did I even vote? it doesnt count for President. Oh well....

glad to hear you are back!

Mim said...

And the IRS is going to administer the health care system. Go figure that!

Marj said...

Patti, I'm with you all the way!!! I have had such a hard time getting over this....then a friend told me to read and meditate on Psalm 94 and Psalm 95. Hey, it fits the situation :-)