Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life is busy!

I haven't been around on the internet much lately due to a busy schedule at work and intermittent internet.  My new boss requires a lot from me and I've just lost one of my employees so I'm having to do two jobs for awhile.  I've got another going out for surgery which will triple my work load.  Hopefully I can get a wonderful new payroll clerk soon!  And hopefully the surgery will be successful and the recovery time short!

Fall is approaching.  I know many of my blogger friends are still in the heat of summer and drought in the midwest.  However, here we have plenty of rain.  And cool temperatures.  I think it only got above 70 degrees about 6 times this summer.  It's mostly been in the 60's.  I've put the heat on in my car the last few mornings to clear the windows of fog and to keep from shivering.  I'm not looking forward to winter at all.  I feel like I somehow missed summer. 

I have been reading; probably too much.  I started the Lord of the Rings series but read the Hobbit first.  I only have one book to go.  I've watched the movies but have never read the books, so I decided it was high time that I did.  Next I want to read the Sherlock Holmes mysteries.  

I haven't been taking photographs or doing any art.  I just feel like a slug when I come home - I don't want to do anything at all except read.  I feel like I should sign up for an art class or something...that always forces me to get creative and then I feel better once I do.


A Lady's Life said...

Oh I can imagine you thinking about winter.
You actually have a winter out there and here its nothing but rain.
I too am not looking forward to winter because I enjoyed summer this year. lol
Hope you get help soon at work.:)

Lynn Cohen said...

you do sound like you are on overload at work. hope this clears up soon...we are warm here not hot anymore. which is perfect. SF was cold yesterday/or Saturday foggy.
Glad you are still blogging and staying in touch! wishing you well.

Aunt Krissy said...

I didn't care for the Lord of the Rings books. I only read the 1st one and that was enough for me! And i didn't think that the movies were all that great.
We are going to hit 90+ on Thursday. I will miss the cool days of high 70's low 80's.

Kellie said...

I read the hobbit and one of the lord of the rings books. Enjoyed them.

Bummer, that it feels like you missed summer. Hope you all have a much more mild winter this year.

Take care :)

tainterturtles said...

I hope your work schedule gets better....hang in there Patty.

Mim said...

overload at work calls for sluggish feelings at home. I too have been coming home and simply reading - I feel like a blob! but I know it's because my mind needs a break.

poor you and summer ! we've had such a hot summer and I welcome the cooler temps.