Monday, July 2, 2012

Land of the Midnight Sun

We spent a wonderful weekend at our cabin.  The forecast had called for rain showers and partly cloudy but it turned out to be mostly sunny - it was beautiful.  A great weekend of rest and relaxation.

 These first three pictures are taken at midnight last Friday.  Alaska really is the Land of the Midnight Sun.  We have to put heavy cloth over our upstairs windows so that it is dark enough to sleep well.  The first is taken across the lake - directly into the setting sun.  The second two are up and down the lake - you can see how light it is.

 Our dog Taz has turned into a retriever which makes for a lot of fun - she will fetch this orange buoy over and over - even going into the water for it (almost).  She's still learning to swim. Roxy pesters her the whole time by trying to steal the toy - Taz will do her best to keep it away from Roxy and bring it back to us.

 Taken from our trail at the top of a hill on our property.  I love the view of the lake from up here.  Someday we want to build a cabin up here just for the view, but don't know if that will ever happen!
My artistic side made an appearance.  I'll post pics tomorrow of my flower paintings.  Did I mention it was a great relaxing weekend?  I read a whole book, drew and painted, threw sticks for the dogs and fixed food.  That's all I did.  All weekend.  Isn't that wonderful?!


A Lady's Life said...

Sounds like a dream.
What a beautiful relaxing place!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You were in the perfect spot for a perfect weekend. I bet the dogs were thrilled too. Love those long days.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Wow.. Amazing how light it is out at midnight. We have it light until almost ten here in summer and it is hard to go to sleep with it being so light. Lovely shots and wonderful on the down time. We need that now and then. a do nothing weekend or week for that fact. :))