Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another cabin adventure

These are a few of my favorite the cabin.
We went up to our cabin for the weekend.  I love going up there - it is so relaxing and peaceful and calm.  The only downside was that it rained the ENTIRE time.  There were a couple times we thought it had stopped, but stepped out onto the porch and realized it was still coming down - just smaller droplets.  All the rain made the trail pretty muddy coming back, but still easy to navigate.  No work got done; I read a full book, played bananagram by myself (Sweetie won't play with me), sketched, painted and cooked.  

Getting ready to go to the waterhole.  The milk crates are used to hold the water jugs.  The red one is my ride.
On Saturday morning Tim asked if I wanted to go to the waterhole with him.  I said no.  And then he told me he really wanted me to go with him, so I said yes.  I HATE going to the waterhole because the trail is not used much and can be very difficult.  It makes me very nervous.  I don't mind at all in the winter when I'm riding a snowmachine on top of the snow.  But in the summer it's full of muddy hole traps that suck me and my 4-wheeler in.  I did get stuck once, but Sweetie came back and got me out.  All in all, it wasn't as bad as I was anticipating. 
This is the "trail" right behind our cabin - we don't use it much since we come in a different direction. 
Tim's loading the jugs with water, I'm hanging back and waiting - I don't want to venture down into the mud bog.
Tim scouting ahead to see the best place to cross a little ditch.  You can get stuck in a ditch pretty easily (well, maybe not everybody, but I can).
Wait up Tim!  I can hardly see you!  Actually this is the easy part of the trail - the ground is solid and not much chance I can get stuck.  Getting whacked by a branch is possible though.....


A Lady's Life said...

Is it far to go?
Can wooden planks be put in the wet areas where the machines get stuck?
I also don;t like muddy bog areas. You never know if you hit a sink hole Then you are in a real pickle.
Thats why sweetie doesn't want to go alone lol

soulbrush said...

This is like a slice of paradise in a far corner- so removed from anything in London. I love it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What fun. Your weekend sounds perfect to me. Even the harrowing ride to the waterhole.

Mim said...

I guess it's better that the two of you go together so that if one get's stuck the other can HOLLER FOR HELP!!! wow - you are SO way out there, and it is SO beautiful.

Glad you got a book read in - if it was me...I wouldn't drink water all weekend!!

Kellie said...

I could go for a long weekend at your cabin too! The waterhole ride sure looks like it could be tretcherous! You see any bear?

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Gosh how did I miss all these posts? Guess we have been out working in our yard to much lately. :)) You probably still needed some rest from your surgery so reading a whole book was good.