Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day and more

I have been ill for about two weeks.  After the first week where I started to get better, but then got worse again, I finally realized that I must be allergic to spring.  We have had record highs of birch pollen and now I believe that may be the source of my sinus problems and cold-like symptoms.  I started taking an allergy medicine and things have improved significantly.  Since my last post, I biked once more to work, but got a flat tire so caught a ride home.  As soon as sweetie fixes the tire, I'll be back to biking.  

Last weekend was our church Ladies Retreat.  We had a special speaker, singing, campfire with s'mores, one night in a cabin, more great speakers, a craft time and then back home.  I was miserable because of the allergies but had a great time anyways.  My sister and I led the craft time.  We made coasters out of tiles and napkins.

To make coasters you start with four tiles each.  Pick a napkin that has a pleasing design and cut four 4" square pieces from it.  Mod-podge the tiles, place the napking squares neatly on top and mod-podge some more.  The napkins will wrinkle a little but not to worry!  After completely dry, spray with clear acrylic to seal.  Then attach little felt feet to all four corners of each tile and Voila! Coasters. 


A Lady's Life said...

how ingenious!!!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

This is a cute idea. Glad you figured out it was allergies and now are taking the proper meds. I thought I had allergies then my DH got what I had and I knew it wasn't. share and share alike I guess.. LOL He wasn't to happy tho.

Barbara said...

You sound miserable. Get well!

Kellie said...

I like the idea of tiles you can easily design. I've got a picture in my head to use this idea as a back splash in my bathroom.

Glad your allergies are better. Might take a while to fine the right combo of rx.

tainterturtles said...

Wow, my daughter Becca just made coasters for me too. Must be a popular thing right now.

Hope you feel better Patty. I'm so happy to hear you still want to ride your go girl!

Marj said...

These coasters are so creative! Love them. Isn't "mod-podge" sort of Elmer's Glue-looking stuff? What a great idea.
Take care of those allergies! Ever hear of a "Neti-pot" for clearing out your sinuses? You need someone to demonstrate tho' They can be purchased at any Drug Store Chain.
Get feeling Great again :-)

Mim said...

I actually do have a cold, and everyone keeps telling me it's allergies!! we have pollen - like I've never seen. Like the trees are freaking out that they will perish and have to seed the world.

Anyway - glad you are biking.

Caroline said...

Hope you'll soon feel better Patty! Those tiles look fab - super project!