Saturday, April 7, 2012

bah humbug

More snow in Anchorage this fine morning. Let's console ourselves with more pictures of springtime in Missouri.

One of my BIL's has a small cattle operation. He had some cows on my in-laws property that he moved to his own. He came over with a cattle truck and some portable fencing and called them in. I was amazed that you can holler "whoooooooooooo" several times and the cattle come running. All except two calves. They refused to come into the pen, so my husband and my BIL took off on a four wheeler to bring them in. Just gentle herding from behind and those two little calves trotted right into the pen. Then he backed the trailer up, loaded the cattle and he was off.

My in-laws have a meat goat operation. They have over 100 Boer goats and a few milk goats. These are some of the kids who have been weaned and are putting on weight to be ready to sell in a few months. One of the problems with running a meat goat operation is when you get too attached to the goats, especially those you have bottle fed. My MIL has a hard time letting them go, so they have more goats than they probably should. My FIL jokes about all her "special" cases.

The bigger solid light brown one is a milk goat kid named Cadbury.
This is #10, one of a set of triplets. The other two push this little guy out of the way, so #10 got a bottle of milk morning and evening. This is me feeding him. He's quite a friendly little guy.
Other animals on the farm include these two donkeys (supposed to protect the goats by keeping coyotes away).
Five Jacob's sheep for wool.
One cow named Smiley (if you look close her spots on each side of her mouth make her look like she's smiling). And they have a 30-year old horse named Leroy, two dogs and several barn cats.

I heard a local commercial last night selling plows for trucks that stated "next winter is closer than you think!" and I was very discouraged. It is. I just received in the mail an invitation to reserve space for an October Craft bazaar. Spring isn't even here and we are already planning for winter again.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Two things I couldnt handle. Your endless winter Snow and letting those cute little faces go to slaughter..But that is life. So I will quit complaining about our RAIN that never seems to quit and cold weather. Some things just arent that bad in comparison. :)) Loved seeing all these photos.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nothing like returning to your real world after having such a good time down south.

A Lady's Life said...

Oh it would break my heart to do this.
I would have my special cases too lol
Goats are so special. They have a lot of character and I'd be keeping them for milk and cheese rather than for meat. I guess the only ones I'd send to the meat plant were the males unless people could buy them for their own stock for reproduction.
Sheep too.
If I had them I would never be too friendly knowing where they are headed. Its just too painful. lol

marianne said...

Welcome back!!!
What cute pictures of those animals they lead a good life!
Happy Easter :)

Mim said...

It's hard running a meat farm, and I can understand the "special cases"

It must be tough coming back to snow, but just remember your wonderful cabin and all the fun you have there in the winter. And yes, forget about planning for next winter, enjoy the NOW

Welcome home

Kellie said...

The endless winter is tough.

Great pictures of the animals.

We had a light frost last night.. Hope it didn't damage any of the tendar new leaves.