Sunday, March 11, 2012

Turnagain Pass

My husband found something he wanted in Sterling, which is south of Anchorage, so we took a little road trip on Saturday. The day was beautiful and I took lots of pics of our trip.This is the rest stop at the top of Turnagain Pass - lots of people come up here to go skiing and snowmachining.See how deep the snow is at the parking lot? Behind my car is where people go snowmachining. It can be dangerous, there have been avalanches that killed people here. We don't snow machine here although we have in the past, but don't do any high-marking which can trigger an avalanche.
If you click on this one to enlarge it, you can see some squiggly trails near the bottom where the snowmachiners have ridden.
Several pics of mountains as we drove past. This is all up in the Turnagain Pass area.

Frozen waterfalls on the side of a cliff.

Coming out of the pass, heading down to Turnagain Arm.
Looking across Turnagain Arm.

It was a fun drive - we stopped at a little eatery for lunch in Cooper Landing called Sackett's. I may have to take another road trip; the food was great!

(ps I didn't sketch in church today because I was helping in the nursery/pre-school area again - the pre-school kids were telling knock, knock jokes. They went from bad to worse and even made up ones which made absolutely no sense at all!)


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Looks so pretty but so cold. :) I was wishing to get a little more snow this winter but it didnt happen. Sounds like it was a fun outing for you. Thanks for you nice comment on my blog. We do have a nice little neighborhood community. I think because we have a dog and walk her a lot that we meet the neighbors more as they all seem to have one. :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful country. Aren't kids fun. I remember those silly knock knock jokes and how they evolve to nothing but giggles.

Anonymous said...

it was a beautiful day! we got to the cabin finally this weekend.
I was wondering about Sakett's. Bill and I drove up that way last Sunday and when I saw they were open, I suggested lunch there, but since it was "spaghetti Sunday" at our house, we didnt stop. Maybe next time we make a trek up there.


Kellie said...

Gorgeous pictures Patty! I can almost smell it :)

Marj said...

The Alaskan scenery is just gorgeous! Thanks for posting. We have a nephew that told knock-knock jokes when he was "small" ad-nauseum :-) Now he's a High School teacher and Basketball Coach and dearly does that happen so fast :-( ???

kimmie said...

Those are amazing photos! I love all the white and the beautiful crystal blue! wow!

Mim said...

wow - it's amazing to see all that snow when we are enjoying an early spring. Love the one with the house and the cap of snow.

Marj said...

Did you sketch anything at Sackett's ??? Maybe next time!

Aunt Krissy said...

While the pics of all the snow is really pretty, I'm glad that our snow here in WI is almost gone. And we have warm wx and sunshine!