Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thanks All!

It was encouraging to read all your comments - I have been feeling so out of sorts lately and not doing much art. The art I do always feels rushed, like I must complete this by a certain time. I could really relate to what most of you said. A friend sent me some bumper sticker sayings to help me look forward to that far off dream of retirement. (Thanks Rose!)

Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension!

I'm Retired; I was tired yesterday and I'm tired again today.

Live each day like it's your day you'll get it right!

There were a lot more, but these tickled my funny bone.

We ar having another Chinook, after a month long record of cold temperatures, today it is 38 ABOVE 0 at my house. I do not like above freezing temps in the winter - it makes the roads a mess. But it does feel good not to wear the bulky coat.

It's too dark out for me to tell if it will be cloudy or sunny today - I'm guessing cloudy because clouds mean warmth and clear blue skies mean cold. I don't think I'll see any groundhog shadows - I'm pretty sure I won't see any groundhogs at all. Spring is still a long ways off!


A Lady's Life said...

I was listening to this guru from Mombai, India talk and he was very inspirational. He is a mystic and seems to have all kind of people listening to him in the audience.Asking him all kinds of questioons like why do people suffer. His answer was very simple.I spent a nice evening with him on the net and wondered if people realize why they have mental anguish. Of course easier said than done. You have to be looking at things from the individual self without extensions like family.

Marj said...

Funny you should mention Groundhogs--we have our own forecaster nearby in Howell, Michigan. Her name is "Woody Woodchuck" and this a.m. she predicted an early Spring :-)
She also picked the "Giants" in the Superbowl :-) YAY!
Hope your weather turns the way you want it--we here in MIchigan have been unseasonably warm--which generally means lots of clouds/gray.

Kellie said...

Been waging a war myself with the winter blah's. Think I'm finally coming out the otherside too. Come on spring!

Lynn said...

funny bumper words...happy with my semi state of work/play days.
Keep your cold there thanks, loving our 60's degree weather here.