Saturday, February 11, 2012

backyard visitor

This morning the dogs had a surprise waiting for them in the back yard. It was funny to see Taz do a panicked turn in mid-air and scramble to the back porch where she frantically scratched to be let in. There's a MOOSE in the yard. It's happened several times. I'm not sure why she's so scared of them; I guess they are a lot bigger than she is but for the most part, moose ignore the dogs unless the dog runs up barking at them. Both of mine kept a very safe distance and couldn't be persuaded to even walk alongside the garage so they could go potty. I was trying to get them to go outside so I even lead the way, but they wouldn't go.
I let Taz out later and she crept closer, slowly step by step, to get a better view. Still poised to make a mad dash to the back door.
Then the moose hopped the fence and went into the neighbors back yard and around the corner. The excitement is done for the day.
Pretty icicles.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh wow.. I would be panicked to let my dog out with that big thing out there. lol. What a fun view tho. :) Great shots of it.

A Lady's Life said...

boy what a luxury to see a moose in the back yard.
You don't even need to go far to hunt them lol
I would put out hay and befriend it since it wants to live there anyway.
What a treat lol

Lisa at Greenbow said...

They are huge animals. I don't blame Taz for being careful. Your poor trees and shrubs are taking a beating.

Caroline said...

Boy it looks cold - brrrr, however, here at two of the benefits of your climate - the chance to see a moose close up and those beautiful icicles!

Mim said...

Oh those icicles! Brrrr....I remember ours from last year and this year....nothing.

I still crack up at the thought of a moose in your backyard.

marianne said...

Now that is something different than the doves we have in our backyard.

have a wonderful Sunday
stay warm♥

Kellie said...

They are huge animals aren't they? Are you gaining enough daylight yet to make much of a difference in longer days? It was light here until almost 6p last nite, love it! Spring really is gonna come again :)