Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Ptarmigan - the P is silent and it is the Alaska state bird.

I saw one in my front yard yesterday morning! It is very unusual to see a ptarmigan in the city. We've been in this house for 21 years and I've never seen one here before. I went to get my camera but he had disappeared by the time I returned. I quietly walked up the street in front of my house, searching in all the snow banks for any sign of him, but didn't see him again. They are masters of disguise; he was probably sitting within 10 feet of me. I did capture his little footprints in the snow.
One year ago today I brought this little monster into our home. She's turned into a very sweet dog although she is still a little obnoxious. Happy Anniversary Tazlina! (formerly known as Tazmanian Devil)

Happy Animal Wednesday!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

WOW a Ptarmigan in your yard!!!! I am greeeeen with envy. I have seen the Willow Ptarmigan in Denali but it was during summer. I bet it is really beautiful in it's winter white cloak of feathers. Can't get over all that snow.
Happy Anniversary Taz. She is still a puppy. What a cutie too. Happy Animal Wedensday.

Teri C said...

Wow, I have only read about them and here you have one in your yard. But you also have LOTS of snow. Shudder.
Taz is so cute and happy. You gave her a good home.


A Lady's Life said...

I knew she would settle down I like Taszlina .That's a sweet name :)

Mim said...

I didn't even know ptarmigan existed any more - how lucky to see one in your backyard!!

Kellie said...

Taz sure is a cutie. Glad she has found a home with your family.

Ptarmigan. Haven't thought about those birds in a long time.