Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Sketching and SNOW

Today I was a bit late because I forgot how long it takes to brush all the snow off a car, scrape the windows and then drive excruiatingly slow because the roads were very icy. I slipped through one corner and hit a curb, but that was the worst I did. I saw two fender benders on the way to church and then two more after.
I sketched my bag that carries my art supplies and bible.
This is my front yard.....
and this is the back.

The dogs have been running around like crazy in the new snow. Taz wants to go out, then in, then out, in, out, in, out. She's driving us crazy!


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Great sketch of your bag. SNOW.. Its to early for snow..Guess some one forgot to mention it to the East coast this weekend...Not sure if its early there or not. They said the SNOW word on the Weather news for next week around here. I hope they are wrong as usual about the weather I want the leaves to be gone off our trees before we get some. Glad you didnt get in a fender bender.. Always takes a bit to get used to a new season of snow. Take care.

Caroline said...

Very nice sketch! Brrrrrr!

A Lady's Life said...

lol dogs are like that sometimes.Mine could be lying around for days and then wants out every two minutes cause something is out there.Other people walk their dogs who know we have dogs and they come here just to bark and annoy mine.
After a good conversation each go back to doing their own thing.
Nice sketch and it sure looks cold out your way.
Stay toasty.

marianne said...

Oh no snow already.... That's going to be a long winter.
Well at least the dogs enjoy themselves .

Happy Halloween!

Teri C said...

Wonderful sketch Patty!
All that snow....oh my!

kimmie said...

That's a great sketch .... The drapes in your bag look just right :)

Snow! It's so early! I'm glad you weren't in any if those fender benders ... Be careful out there!

studio lolo said...

We had snow too! Makes sense for Alaska, but not Rhode Island :(

I love watching dogs romp in it though!

Great sketch Patty. I'm so glad you only hit a curb!

Kellie said...

Silly PUP! Nice sketch too! Think the snow is there to stay?