Thursday, September 29, 2011

I have applicants!

I received my certified applicants list yesterday at work. This means I can set up interviews and find myself a new payroll clerk. I hope to start interviews on Monday and finish on Tuesday. I've got 6 applicants and from the resumes at least four look experieced and two look exceptional. I think I will have to make some tough decisions, but I'd rather have too many good applicants than not enough. Only one of them knows the job will end in 4-5 months, but I will let the rest know when I schedule the interviews so if they aren't interested they can back out.

In answer to the Alaskan readers of my blog, the Recycled Art opening is Friday, November 1 at the International Gallery of Contemporary Arts in the 4th Avenue Marketplace. I already have buyers for both pieces....and they don't even know what price I've put on them. A co-worker wants the Rooster and my sister wants the Willow. I am struggling with how to price them, I looked at several of the other art submissions and they range from $100 up to $1,500. Pricing my art is always the hardest part for me. Do any of you have a formula you use to price your art? time? expenses? gut feeling? The gallery also takes 20% commission of anything sold.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I will be interested in hearing about how people price their art. I find that subject difficult to master. How does one go about it?? Good luck with your applicants.

Lynn said...

I also would like to know how to price art. I find it's impossible to charge for my time, especially in a fiber wall hanging as so so many hours goes into the making of one of those.
One painter I know charges $100 for paintings he whips up in a few hours time. I've seen him and he has a trunk full and they all sell for $100. He charges much more for art hanging in shows and galleries.
I try to go with the "what traffic will bare theory"...but it's hard to part with art for little when you have put so much into it.

A Lady's Life said...

I am at a loss there.
I would absolutely love to know the formula used to price art?

Kellie said...

I love both the pictures Patty! They are great!