Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Zentangle Blues

I'm finding I'm spending more time in my zentangle sketch book of late. It relaxes my mind when I'm feeling cranky or stressed. Which I've felt both lately.

Alaska has been beautiful - sunny, blue skies with white fluffy clouds. It's one of those really good summers and I feel like I haven't taken the time to enjoy it. I must start bike riding to and from work so that I'm outdoors in the sun a little each day. Note to self: Get butt out of bed early tomorrow so you can bike ride.

My payroll clerk had an emergency surgery last Saturday which resulted in me having to go to work on Monday, July 4th, and work for 7.5 hours on a beautiful sunny day that I had plans to enjoy. So that bummed me out a little. And then the news that she won't be back to work for 2 weeks which leaves me feeling a little stressed because I have to do both our jobs now until she returns.

Next week is VBS (vacation bible school for those of you non-church people). I will be working at the church this coming Saturday to decorate and turn our building into an old Gold Mining town. Then starting Sunday I'll be teaching an evening class with my sister for 2.5 hours each evening through Thursday.

It will be a busy week, but when it's done, I'm FREE of obligations for awhile!!


Kellie said...

Bummer that you had to work on the 4th! Hope they paid you like triple double time to take some of the sting out of that!

Yes! Get up early, then call me so I can get up early too.. oh, wait I aleady am up before you so that wont work. Drat.

Linda said...

I really like your art work. It reminds of what Frida Kahlo might be doing today, the lines or something like that.

Lynn said...

I'd say you are busy busy busy. Hope you do not get over stressed.
the zen is a wonderful tangle of designs.
This past july 4th we met two young ladies (age 15 and 17) at our friends house in glide oregon from anchorage, AK!!! How about that?!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your zentangle is great. I too have done a few lately. I have been to tired to even sit at the computer much. A good tired though. Get that bike out and enjoy this beautiful weather. Have fun at VBS.

Carolina Elizabeth said...

Hello again.
I did a zentangle like project with my middle schoolers to show how art can help generate ideas, meditate, kill some time, or allow for relaxation. It was a great success, and many great pieces of art came from there. THank you for introducing me to sentangles.

Teri C said...

Love the soft and relaxing blues in here. Sometimes I get the need for zens also. Well, okay I get them a lot.

Aunt Krissy said...

Wow, you got alot going on next week. Hope the Zen helps you find a happy place.

tainterturtles said...

Love the beautiful.

Sorry you have to work more hours. Just make sure to get some fresh air or walks in during the day.

kimmie said...

I love your zentangle. I find that time flies when I'm making one of those. They are so utterly absorbing. I hope you get to savor some of those blue sky days.

Margaret Ann said...

This is absolutely gorgeous...glad to see you are doing these again. Sometimes when I have my migraines...working on these helps them go away...sometimes...:)