Sunday, July 10, 2011

VBS Preparation

Today is the 4th day of migraines but with advil and a generic version of Imitrex I keep going. I've been sleeping pretty well but wake up with headache...after a Pepsi and some meds I'm okay to go. Kind of. I've had to take more meds mid-day on some of the harder ones.

Saturday was spent at church working with some other ladies on the set decorations and changing of our church into a mining town and creating the Discovery Mine. (Discovering Jesus Christ, the Rock of Ages is our theme).
Several ladies worked together to make all of this, but Paula spent hours drawing all the old western town buildings. I drew a church (not shown) a mercantile (not shown) and the kitchen scene. The rest were done by Paula although I helped with some of the shading and making signs. The kegs were made by covering 55 gallon drums with paper and colored duct tape.My sister Alicia created the campfire setting. This is where the kids will rotate through for Bible stories told around the campfire.Our church has two main buildings connected by a series of ramps that make it handicap accessible since we don't have an elevator. The series of ramps were turned into the Discovery Mine. Kids enter at one end and there are "gold" rocks and bugs, snakes and lizards to pass before exiting out the other end.
I created the posts and beams for the mine using cardboard sheets that someone else (Deanna and Becky) gave a wood grain to, and then I scored and shaped them. The "rock" walls are from several sheets I painted a few years back to look like boulders. The rocks were a backdrop for another drama the church did one Easter.I'll be heading back to church soon because VBS starts in just an hour. Alicia and I are team teachers for the primary class - I'll be posting more pics this week of all the action. Maybe. We'll see if the kids wear me out first.


marianne said...

This looks so great! bet the kids will love it!

Marj said...

All the "sets" are great and nicely done! There's a lot of creativity going on there! Was it Mon. thru Fri. (like our "Kidz Kamp?") A ton of "work" goes into these VBS's!

Aunt Krissy said...

Sorry that you're havning so many headaches! Maybe it's time to say NO to some stuff?